LeBron James Thinks Lil Wayne is Trying to Use Him to Stay Relevant?

Photo Credit: @kingjames Instagram
Photo Credit: @kingjames Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

The LeBron James Lil Wayne beef has picked up again, this time over some not so nice comments that the rapper made about the NBA superstar and some of his teammates. It was reported that Lil’ Wayne was not too happy about getting thrown out of the Miami Heat vs. L.A. Lakers game last week as he claimed, with talk also saying that the rapper was now banned from all NBA games. The NBA addressed the reports and denied banning Lil’ Wayne from future games. Yet it was clear that Wayne was definitely salty about the whole thing as he went on a rant about the situation while on stage during a performance of his. And during his rant, Lil’ Wayne came after Miami Heat superstars LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Though it was Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne Bosh who were Wayne’s main targets as he claimed that he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife. Gabrielle Union, D Wade’s boo who is a huge sports fan and supporter of her man, and Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne responded to Lil’ Wayne’s comments in the most subtle of ways, keeping it very grown with their responses. Lil’ Wayne was not the only rapper that felt the urge to blast Chris Bosh’s wife as Rapper Cam’ron came out of the woodwork, coming for her too as he claimed that his homie, the bodyguard for rap group Dipset, allegedly slept with Adrienne too. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade haven’t responded to Lil’ Wayne’s disses. But LeBron James seems to have done so as he shaded “cold” Lil’ Wayne for trying to diss him as a way to hold on to his relevancy:

Photo Credit: @kingjames Instagram
Photo Credit: @kingjames Instagram


In related news, it has been suggested by numerous sites that LeBron James and his fiancé Savannah Brinson may be on the verge of splitting up. The baller proposed to his longtime girlfriend on his 27th birthday and the couple supposedly had plans to wed last summer but LeBron’s participation in the Summer Olympic Games caused them not to go through with their supposed wedding plans. Now though, rumors are suggesting that the engaged couple is headed for Splitsville. It was also said that Savannah was a no show when the Miami Heat team made their trip to the White House in January to visit President Barack Obama and she was no where to be found during the NBA All-Star weekend in Houston, Texas as she was “roughing” it with her girls on Catalina Island, leading some to believe that there just may be some truth to the rumors.


  1. Well Lil Wayne is ignorant enough that he’ll continue to do things to keep his name in the news. I don’t think he needs LeBron for that. Look at what he said about Emmett Till…

  2. I think Weezy is jealous about how close LeBron and Jay-Z are. And it doesn’t help that he now gets kicked out of basketball games. He probably feels like he should get the same treatment as Jay-Z/Bey, etc. but he doesn’t understand that to get that kind of treatment requires some class. Lil Wayne has none. And his rant only sealed the deal with LeBron and basically confirmed to him why he can’t be cool with him. Lil Wayne is burning a lot of bridges.

    1. I completely agree. He sees the friendship between LeBron and Jay-Z and he’s salty about it. But being cool with Wayne would only hurt LeBron’s image. It just isn’t a good look. There’s a reason why Cam’ron backed him and the A List rappers are quiet as hell. LOL.

  3. LeBron isn’t ready for marriage. I like Savannah but she might need to move on. And as far as Lil Wayne goes, LeBron just needs to not ever worry about what Lil Wayne is saying. Honestly, Lil Wayne is only hurting himself in the long run. Even Drake gets more love than he does.

  4. Drake’s face (during Lil Wayne’s rant) said it all. Dude is a sinking ship and I’m sure his artists wish they could jump ship now before it’s too late. After those lyrics about Emmett Till, I couldn’t care less. I’m over Weezy.

  5. Is Lil Wayne finally off drugs? That’s the only reason I can could think of why he’s being such a pain in the a-s lately.

  6. Lil Wayne is the result of that child who basically raised his self, which is why he has no earthly idea what is appropriate and what’s not as a grown a-s man. The fact that he has money only helps to coddle and reinforce that. I truthfully have always felt that Baby molested this dude and his heavy drug use is his way of dealing with that fact and masking the pain. No amount of money will ever take away what that dude feels inside for what Baby did to him and made him into. Baby knows it too, that’s why he’s always OVER THE TOP with his “gifts” to Lil Wayne.

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