Toya Johnson & Reginae Carter Clash with Family Member over Lil Wayne

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Reginae Carter and Toya Rushing are back with a new reality show.

Toya Rushing and Reginae Carter have a new reality show on WE tv. And already, people have a lot to say about “Toya & Reginae” on social media. During the season premiere, Toya and Reginae had a heated scene with Toya’s brother Casey Johnson. Casey is a rapper. But he doesn’t feel like he receives enough support when it comes to his music. In fact, he told Reginae and Toya that they don’t even support his music on social media. Things got really heated too, when Casey said that Reginae got to where she is in life because she is Lil Wayne‘s daughter.

In the scene, Casey said, “Y’all don’t understand where I be coming from as far as with my career and ****. I totally feel like y’all don’t be believing in me.”

He continued, “I’ve been doing this **** since before 2004…y’all laughing, that’s what I be saying. That’s the ****.”

Toya responded by telling Casey the issue is he’s entitled.

“It’s how you come off, Casey. You come off very entitled…”

In a green screen interview, Toya said, “Casey definitely feels like Nae got to where she is today because she’s Lil Wayne’s daughter. But as far as her acting career, that has absolutely nothing to do with her dad.”

Reginae Carter and Toya Rushing checked Casey Johnson.

Regardless, Casey didn’t back down from his perspective. He went on to tell Toya and Reginae they don’t even promote or listen to his music.

He said, “You can listen to my songs! You can post my Apple Music. You never post my Apple Music yet that I got online right now. You booked my shows? You got shows booked for me?!”

At this point, Toya snapped, “I’m your sister, *****. I’m not your momma. I’m not your music executive nothing.”

Reginae checked Casey as well. She told him he won’t be happy with any support he receives from her and Toya.

“Let me tell you what I learned about men like you. It don’t matter what we do or how many times we do it, it’s never going to be enough.”

She continued, “I’ve been supporting you.”


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  1. FACTS! and what acting career? What Movie (s) show (s) she been in. I wait, OH Okay. I promise I’m not trying to be mean either, but what is her and her momma known for other than Lil Wayne connection.

    1. THerron; My 2 Cents,
      You both hit the nail on the head w/your comments. Far as I know also, again, they’re only known for their connection to that UGH!! Lil Wayne, other that….Humph! No acting career, shows, nothing else I can think of, or know of….I could wrong🤔

      1. And that’s how it should be. Famous/wealthy parents pave the way for their children. This Uncle wants favors, because of Lil Wayne. If he being doing this since 2004 and no one knows of him, it’s his fault

  2. Reginae spelled it wrong, but she’s definitely something else, speaks to other’s any kind of way, she’s a piece of work, SMMFH PLEASE lil girl, she’s absolutely correct she’s acting and been showing her AZZ since, we’ve heard of her, only KNOWN, because of her father other than that who is she REALLY, very very snobbish, Chile bye I fought the parents, flip mouth AZZ hell

  3. Why should the storyline surround lilWayne? Many parents are NOT
    The reason why their children are successful.

  4. I’m not sure they needed another show. There’s never any growth or development from Toya, Nae or their family. Yes, Toya’s brother is entitled because it’s on him to become successful not anyone else. When you want something bad enough, you get it regardless, help or no help. Reginae has been entitled, spoiled, and unpleasant the majority of time she’s been in the spotlight. Has nothing to do with being a celebrity’s kid. There are humble celebrity kids doing great things who aren’t egotistical. Reginae chose the other path. It’s always the same thing when these two get on TV. All they’re going to do is bring up Wayne because no one cares otherwise.

  5. She has been in a couple movies an she was good can’t think of the name right now but google it she was a boxer or something

  6. I can’t lie it’s wild seeing them tell this man he’s entitled and needs to put in the work to be successful because they’re only known and get TV shows because of Lil Wayne. I think all 3 of them could stand to be more humble and less entitled honestly.

  7. If they all continue to put in the hard works that it takes to be successful,then All will be well.Always put God 1st and the rest will follow.Thank you,Casey Grimes-Finley,Chicago,Illinois

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