Lil Wayne Speaks on Comments About Chris Bosh’s Wife, D Wade & LeBron

Photo Credit: Ryan Dombal
Photo Credit: Ryan Dombal

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Lil Wayne is getting a lot of media attention because of a rant he made the other day against the Miami Heat Organization. The Young Money Records leader has apparently some sort of beef with the NBA team because he claims they had him banned from all NBA events. However, the NBA released a statement denying the claims made by the rapper and suggested that no such ban ever took place. Despite that, Lil Wayne decided to slam the organization and the stars of the team at a recent performance. It would be during this rant that he would also claim that he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife before the two exchanged vows.

As to be expected, the comments caused quite the stir, and unfortunately for Adrienne Bosh, it’s led to scrutinization of her former life before Bosh. Even rapper Cam’ron decided he too wanted to bring up her alleged past as a party girl on his Instagram account.

Regardless, Lil Wayne doesn’t seem to have any plans to retract his statements. Well actually, he only wanted to backtrack on one thing, and that’s the comments he made about LeBron James.

In a recent interview with 99 JAMZ in Miami, Lil Wayne makes it clear that he feels like he only misspoke about LeBron James, but he still isn’t trying to be on good terms with Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade.

He says:

“…Only thing I do want to take back from saying that night is I said f*ck LeBron. That’s my homie, and it just slipped out. I ain’t mean to say that.”


But when it comes to D Wade and Chris Bosh, Lil Wayne has absolutely no regrets:

“I don’t apologize for that night. That’s who I am and yes I did say those things.”


He also says that he does have beef with Dwyane Wade because he claims at a recent game, the Miami Heat star walked up to him and said, “We don’t f*ck with you.”


Regardless, LeBron James has already made it pretty clear how he feels about Lil Wayne. And we think it’s safe to say at this point that bridge has been burned.

In related news, Lil Wayne has still not addressed those heinous lyrics he rapped about Emmett Till. A petition has already been circulating the internet demanding him to apologize to the Till family.



  1. I really think the rumors about him being on LeBron’s nuts are true. LeBron doesn’t even seem like he’s interested in being cool with Lil Wayne. I can see why.

  2. Well he can call out Chris Bosh’s wife as much he wants but we can all see he’s a bigger tramp than she is seeing that he has 4 baby mamas.

    1. Say that! Lil Wayne has been trying to be like Jay-Z for years. That’s who he’s really obsessed with! Look at him trying to kiss up to Jay-Z’s bff (LeBron). He is so tacky and I’m not surprised he said those things about Emmett Till. Ugh.

  3. Lil Wayne is about to be blacklisted. He doesn’t seem to get that he’s burning a lot of bridges. Now he will never be like Jay-Z (because this is what this is really about).

    1. I agree! I think this is what it is really about too! I think he’s jealous of Jay and feels like he should get the same treatment as him. But he doesn’t deserve to be treated like Jay because he doesn’t have the class Jigga has! And all this rant did was prove that he isn’t ready to be A List.

  4. Of we could have a race draft like the one on the Chappelle show, I would vote to trade Lil Wayne away. He’s such an embarrassment to black people.

  5. Do he expect people to beleive that wade wouldnt acknowledge him, but took the time to tell him we dnt fu@k with you. Baby need to carry that troll back to the cave he dug him out off.

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