Adrienne Bosh Can’t Catch a Break

Photo Credit: @mrsadriennebosh Twitter
Photo Credit: @mrsadriennebosh Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne has had a pretty crazy week. The basketball wife has become a target for the headlines ever since rapper Lil Wayne alleged that he slept with her during one of his on stage rants against the Miami Heat. Although Lil Wayne eventually said he regrets taking shots at LeBron James, he stands by the comments he made about D Wade, Chris Bosh and his wife. And ever since Lil Wayne’s rant, people have been coming out of the woodwork with accusations of Adrienne’s former life before becoming the wife to a high-profile basketball player. Even rapper Cam’ron took to his Instagram account the other day to suggest she was a party girl back in the day who slept with the bodyguard of his Dipset crew. The rapper also accused Adrienne of being a regular at his nightclub before meeting Chris Bosh.

Now it appears another person is claiming to have known Adrienne during her alleged party girl past.

The other day, a woman took to her Twitter account and posted a photo of herself and a younger Adrienne Bosh. The woman claims that Adrienne was allegedly a groupie and she even suggested that she allegedly slept with famed boxer Floyd Mayweather. She made sure she got Adrienne and Chris Bosh’s attention before she deleted the photo.

Check out the photo which was obtained by Black Sports Online:


adrienne bosh and floyd mayweather


It seems as if the bad news just keeps on coming for Adrienne Bosh. But we have to give her some credit because despite what’s been said about her, she’s still trying to keep it classy and positive on her Twitter account.


  1. SMDH. And what was the point of this? This female must be salty that she didn’t land herself a NBA player for a husband. lol

  2. Isn’t she a beard for Chris Bosh? They will continue their stunt of a marriage. None of any of this will change things.

  3. I’m trying to understand what people think all this “coming forward” is supposed to do. She is his wife and the mother of his son. He’s not leaving her for the trifling sh-t she did in the past.

  4. All of this is part of the business. Athletes and rappers for the most part will end up marrying former hos/party girls. These are the kind of women that want to be with them and will tolerate just about anything for the lifestyle. I highly doubt Chris Bosh has never heard about how Adrienne got down. That’s not how it works. These athletes gossip like school girls. He knew and didn’t care. People are wasting their time and breath “exposing” her to him.

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