Kelly Rowland Talks Her Sexy New Album

Kelly Rowland
Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kelly Rowland made a very explosive appearance at Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show, and in a way, her fierceness proved to some of her naysayers that she does have what it takes to be solo superstar, just like Beyonce has managed to become ever since she stepped out and dropped her first solo album, Dangerously in Love. But the path hasn’t been so easy for Kelly, considering it can take an artist a while to find their own niche in a crowded music industry. Kelly has clearly found her niche, and she’s become the go to woman for hooks, and her hit song “Motivation” proved that she had quite enough sex appeal to pull of the sexy R&B songs.

Kelly Rowland is focused more than ever on her music career, and with a new studio album on the way, she made some time to chat it up with Big Tigger on Atlanta radio station V-103 on what fans can expect from her upcoming album.

Kelly considers the album to be a very sexy one and explains why she felt the need to be more sensual this time around.

When discussing her current steamy single “Kisses,” which pretty much lets a man know where he needs to put his “kisses”, she says:

“I think it’s important for a lady to express that that’s the way it should be handled some times.

“I condensed it down to about 14 songs for this album. It encouraged me to change the title. I was a lot more revealing, a lot more intimate. It’s called Talk A Good Game, now.

“After you hear this album and the songs, we are going to need another conversation.You’re gonna have a lot of questions and I’m going to answer them all.”


In related news, it was recently confirmed that Kelly will be hosting the official Oscars Red Carpet Pre-Show.

Congrats to Kelly.


  1. I hope she brings it on this album. She has people’s attention now so this is the time to release a big album. Def rooting for her.

  2. I am not sure if I like this sexier Kelly. The singles from her last album and this one left plenty to be desired IMHO.

  3. It’s a shame that some black folks can be so simple minded that a talented chick like Kelly can’t get any shine until she gets a new booty. Smh.

    1. I disagree. She wasn’t in Bey’s shadow during the SB performance. I just wish people would stop acting like Bey and Kelly can’t have their own lanes and do well in different niches. They can both be successful. And they will. I am wishing this young woman the best. She’s talented!

  4. I’m not big on Kelly as an artist. I’d love nothing more than for her to make it and have success as a solo artist, but I’m so turned off because she’s the poster child for “sex sells.” I’m so over the sexual songs, videos, and images. She’s gorgeous, her outfits are amazing, and she’s sexy! Ok, I get it!!!! And I’m not hating at all. I just wish they wouldn’t put the bulk of the attention on that. Her songs are so damn sex based, I can’t get a feel for her true talent as an artist. *shrug* I’ll be late for that album. Good luck to her tho.

  5. I love Kelly. She’s always been my favorite. I’m rooting for her and I will be buying her album. She’s super talented and I think that’s why people hate on her so much because she’s her own artist and is not the back up singer for Bey anymore!

  6. I like Kelly as a person but she just seems so desperate, almost in a “Keri Hilson” type of way…and that’s sad…

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