Beyonce, Kelly & Michelle Shut Down Mathew?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Destiny’s Child had a reunion the other day via a performance at the Stellar Gospel Awards, but sources claim the trio will be reuniting for a reunion tour and they have a found a way to do it without giving any of their earnings to Mathew Knowles – their manager.

The Daily Mail writes:

Beyoncé and Kelly joined Michelle to surprise the crowd,and opened the broadcast with a gospel medley that included the song ‘Alpha & Omega’ and the hit single ‘Say Yes’ from Michelle’s ‘Journey To Freedom’ CD.

The group received a rousing standing ovation from the 9,000-plus crowd, but they weren’t introduced as Destiny’s child – they were introduced by their individual names.

Daily Mail Online has learned exclusively that the threesome want to do another ten-year reunion tour and intend to cut a reunion album – but they won’t use the group name for that either.

And it’s all by design.

‘Alhough Destiny’s Child is made up of the three ladies, Beyoncé’s father and former manager Mathew Knowles owns one-fourth of the group as well. Anytime they do anything under the name Destiny’s Child, he has involvement in it and money from it,’ a source close to the group reveals to Daily Mail Online.


We’re going to label this as gossip for now.


  1. This is why you pay for the top notch lawyers, so the f-ckery is kept to a minimum. Poor Mathew, his life been one major L after another.

  2. But the songs they would sing are under the Destiny’s Child name. I don’t think they could get away with this on a legal level.

    1. An artist stands to make more from touring than album sales. If I was her, I’d be touring all the time too.

  3. If this is all true I wonder if Beyoncé and Kelly now understand why Latoya and Latavia wanted separate management back in 1999.

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