Mathew Knowles’ Baby Mama Claims Beyonce Refuses to Meet Little Brother

Photo Credit: @baddiebey Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce may be having a big year in her music career but that doesn’t mean her personal life won’t be a target for the tabloids. Although Beyonce opened up in her “Life is But a Dream” documentary about her strained relationship with her father as a result of her firing him as her manager, it’s been suggested that the singer might also be on shaky terms with her father because of his alleged affair that resulted in a son. And things haven’t been so smooth with the child’s mother. Recently, Mathew’s baby mama Alex Wright filed a restraining order against him and it’s been confirmed that she’s demanding more in child support. But now she tells Star Magazine that Beyonce is refusing to meet her little brother, and she thinks it’s unfair.

Here’s a snipped of the report from Star:

Beyonce is itching to add a son to her family, but let’s hope her daughter, Blue Ivy, treats him better than Beyonce treats her own brother!

Alex Wright tells Star that she is the mother of a baby boy fathered by Beyonce’s dad, Mathew Knowles, when he was still married to Beyonce’s mother Tina.

Sources say Beyonce was so furious about her father’s affair, she refuses to meet her little brother. But Mathew’s relationship with the tot, named Nixon, isn’t much better.

“We had an 18 month relationship. We were in love and even lived together,” Wright tells Star. “But four months into my pregnancy, he decided he couldn’t do it – and since our son’s birth, he has tried to deny Nixon full child support. This isn’t about the money. It’s about accountability, education and providing Nixon a secure life. “


Beyonce’s camp hasn’t responded to allegations.


  1. Why is the woman so messy? So not only did she have an affair with a married man, but she’s also selling off all the family business to the tabloids? Classy.

  2. Bey’s still hurt about everything. She’ll come around eventually. But this woman needs to have several seats. This isn’t necessary.

  3. Why didn’t she say anything about Solange?! He’s her brother too! I smell a rat and an undercover Beyonce fan!

    1. Bey is close to her mom. She probably feels like having a relationship with her brother right now is betraying her. Don’t be so quick to judge her for a situation you don’t have all the facts on.

    2. How is Bey wrong it isn’t her baby nor her problem..The woman should have kept in mind Mathew old A-S was married..At the rate this trick is selling info I wouldn’t want to meet her trifling BUTT either..

  4. This woman is crazy. She keeps going to to the tabloids. If she really wanted her son to have a relationship with the Knowles, she might need to stop doing all of this talking. She seems like a gold digger and opportunist.

    1. I agree. But this is why Mathew should have kept his peter in his pants. Look at all the destruction his choice has caused the whole family.

  5. I won’t judge Bey for this. I can only imagine what it feels like to see your dad cheat on your mom. They’ll work it out eventually.

  6. When u play with fire…u will get burnt……he was wrong & hurt his family, so Bey is supposed to have open arms to her bastard…..wishful thinking…..THAT’S MATTHEWS PROBLEM….HE SHOULD HANDLE HIS BUSINESS…..SEENS THINGS ARE JUST GETTING BETTER WITH HIM & BEY….BABY STEPS…

  7. I’m not gonna say Bey is wrong, however, she gotta look at the bigger picture. The boy didn’t ask to be born into the situation that he has been born into. She has to look past the hurtful thing her father did and establish a relationship with the little boy. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person in tough situations. I hope one day she’ll get the opportunity to establish a relationship with her little brother.

  8. I’m sure the reporter probably asked her is Beyonce’ had met her little brother and she said no, and they blew it out of proportion as they always do. I don’t know her personally, but we all make mistakes as adults so i wont judge, but the child is ALWAYS innocent in situations like this. She could atleast acknowledge him as her brother, and work on a relationship with him, even if you want nothing to do with the mom….I’M JUST SAYING

    1. I’ve read a lot of comments, where people are bashing Beyonce for not meeting her little brother, or even helping him out.

      The thing is though is that,what a lot of people don’t understand, is that she has no obligation to help him. He’s already got two parents, it’s THEIR responsibility, not hers.

      Another thing, is that I think you’re right that Beyonce was probably asked if she’s met the baby yet, and when she said no, the media made up this whole dramatic story of how she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

      And even if she doesn’t right now, then it’s probably just that: right now. She’s obviously very hurt and angry with both her father, and this woman. I can’t blame Beyonce for feeling whatever she’s feeling regarding the whole situation. I’m sure she realizes that none of this, is Nixon’s fault, and it would be totally unfair to place all of the blame onto him, when he didn’t even ask to be brought into this mess of a situation.

      However, she may also not even be ready to meet her baby brother just yet. I don’t blame her. You find out that your father had an affair with another woman, and a child stemmed from that. Anybody would have been all over the place with emotions from that.

      I’m sure she will meet her little brother when she’s ready. But right now, it’s obvious that she needs some time. How long it takes, is up to her.

  9. They both was wrong..the mistress and aint nixon fault he didnt asked to be created..also why only aytack the mistress?s*it the cheating mathew aint aint like she raped him..hell put urself in her shoez.he could of been telling her he going to leave tina..anyway it goez stop itz not nixon fault.

  10. Wait a minute…why is the focus on a SISTER not reaching out to her brother instead a FATHER not participating adequately?? Maybe she will reach out to him when she is ready…i’m sure it is difficult for her to see her own mother hurting as well…she is not obligated to include this child in her life…there are people who cut family members out of their lives (mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins). It is their decision to do that. She is human, she is hurt, and she is allowed to choose for herself.

  11. Omg! Are you serious, how can bey be wrong? Bey didn’t get the crack whore preggers?A person who accepts their fathers bastard kid into the family needs their head checked? That bastard baby has know business being alive to begin with! So why should bey met the child, what’s in it for bey?

  12. This lady is wrong on so many levels. Did she ask to meet Beyonce and get cool with the family when she was having an affair with Mr.Knowles? And, she did not mention Solonge. It’s about money!!! She is using this child to get attention. REALLY REALLY

  13. Where is your responsibility, lady, in messing around with a married man (separated is still married until divorced), having a child by him and now attacking your fling’s celebrity daughter like she had something to do with y’all mess. I’m not even a Beyonce fan but I’m stand with her on this one. Why don’t you, lady, own your wrong, leave the celebrity alone and allow her to choose if she wants to be in your son’s life or not and go and complain to your son’s father.

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