Singer Dido Shades Rihanna’s Music Career in Interview?

Photo Credit: @badgalriri Instagram, @didoofficial Twitter
Photo Credit: @badgalriri Instagram, @didoofficial Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna is clearly one of the hottest pop stars out right now, and she’s achieved quite a bit for a 25-year-old in the music business. The singer’s resume continues to grow quite impressively, as she can now add fashion designer and cosmetics spokeswoman to her list of recent accomplishments. Despite that, Rihanna’s personal life, which involves a controversial romance with Chris Brown continues to make headlines more so than her professional successes. Yet, she’s managed to get over the hurdle that kept her critics doubting her longevity, as she now has a number one album under belt, a feat that hasn’t been attainable for her before her current studio album, Unapologetic.

Rihanna has plenty critics when it comes to her love life and the whole role model debate, but now it appears that some of her own peers might have their own opinions about her music career.

In a recent interview with Focus Magazine, it was suggested that singer Dido made some rather snarky comments regarding Rihanna’s musical success.

Allegedly, Dido made statements that suggested that she feels Rihanna releases music a little too frequently, not to mention she apparently doesn’t seem to think Rihanna’s music has much substance:

“Rihanna seems to release a new album weekly. Unbelievable!

“When does she have time to write her songs? I could never release music that means nothing to me.”


Now that the comments were published, Dido took to her Twitter account to slam the publication and claims she was “misquoted” by a fishing journalist.

She tweets (read from the bottom up):


rihanna dido twitter


Of course Rihanna’s fans, whom she affectionately refers to as “The Navy” have been dragging Dido in her mentions since the story was published.


  1. She told the truth, so I’m not sure why she’s acting like she didn’t say it. But it’s not just Rihanna, it’s everyone. The business is very superficial and lacks substance these days.

    1. I agree with you Megan, I thought I was the only one seeing this. It is very superficial and what’s worse is that no one can have an opinion, or they use the term “Hater” to describe it. I think that’s why Dido acted like she didn’t say it because alot of people who has an opinion about Rihanna, has been attacked and bullied verbally by her fans. No it’s not hating stop saying that, it’s an opinion you don’t have to agree with it , and when you don’t agree you don’t see that as “Hating.” I mean it’s like these people never had an opinion about anything, what is wrong with people. They put artistes on such a high pedestal almost as if they are God and if anyone dears to say anything that is opposing to their God then it’s like blasphemy. Everyone has flaws and no one is perfect, it’s utter ignorance to attack someone because they have an opinion. Music is something that soothes you and make you feel good when you’re in that place where you need a getaway, this I don’t give a f*** attitude is not right that is getting out of hand there are so much going on in this world, and alot of people struggling to make ends meet and it’s hard fighting against people that made the decision to settle and ignore what happened to the music industry and the kind of music that is coming out. How could you not give a f*** when these fans buy your tickets and go to your concerts and buy your albums and the reason you make money. Don’t you think they wouldn’t like a peace of mind also, don’t you think they wouldn’t like to know that they’re aren’t just numbers to you? So what if a fan has an opinion about you, don’t curse at them and call them names, that’s just mean, wicked and childish they contribute to your success and this is what you give them? That money they used to buy your albums and clothes, and products could’ve been used to pay their bills, or go towards supporting their dreams so that they can live the lavish life, so that they can afford to pay their medical bills and gain inaccessible health care. People no longer demand a certain standard of music it’s just a beat and catchy lyrics these days, but what about those who put effort into making their music? What about those who are not just mesmerized by a baseline and how easy it is to sing the song?

  2. I’m not a Rihanna fan, but it’s kind of unfair for Dido to call her out like she’s the only pop star cranking out crappy music. That’s what sells. I think Dido is just bitter that the industry has gotten the way it is.

  3. I see no lies. Rih knows she makes corny music. And she knows she has to keep cranking out albums because if she takes a break, someone else will take her shine. That’s the culture of the industry right now. F-ck the stans, say the truth and stand by it.

  4. Dido said it and they quoted her correctly. But she only spoke the truth cause I be wondering how she has time to record so much music when she’s always getting high and trailing around C Breezy’s azz all day! Dido is weak for trying to take back what she said. I wonder if Kanye will take back what he said about President Obama, Jay-Z, Bey, and JT????? (think not)

  5. I don’t think Dido is jealous of Rihanna or the fact that she’s saying Rihanna is not talented.I think Dido meant is why can’t Rihanna at least write a few or her own songs.Not ask people to write it for her then she sings it.What artists do is they usually write a few of their own music on the album or the whole album.Dido did that.A lot or artists now should write at least a few songs for their album at least.Then wait a 1year to just take time to write and have new material.Then release it.Dido even says she loves Rihanna’s works.Just she wants Rihanna to write and sing her own stuff.

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