Meagan Good’s Husband DeVon Franklin Comes to Her Defense Against Critics

Photo Credit: @msgood Instagram
Photo Credit: @msgood Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Meagan Good is still under fire for marrying her pastor husband DeVon Franklin by some of the Christian community. As to be expected, the actress has come under scrutiny because she’s married a popular young pastor and there are plenty of critics who aren’t sure she’s “Christian enough” to have snagged a preacher. Meagan has stayed calm although she is a target of the criticism and constant skepticism, and recently admitted to her followers on Instagram that she feels the criticism is unfair. She also claimed that despite what the public thinks of her, she’s had a strong relationship with God since she was a little girl.

DeVon has decided to speak out on the criticism and defended his wife against her critics, and feels people shouldn’t be so quick to judge; Especially since the only one who is supposed to be doing any judging is God.

He tells One Church International:

“Good or bad, someone sees a public person and they don’t know you. They only know about you. Based upon what they know about you, they make a judgment on what is good for you, but they don’t know you. The whole idea of he’s a preacher and she’s this, it blew my mind how many people had an opinion when God is the only one who directs our story. So, he knows where our story is going to go.

“They didn’t see how she fit or how I fit in her script, but I’m saying, ‘Wait a minute. When the last time you went before God? Before you gave me this note, before you posted that comment, did you pray?” he went on.”


Meagan also addressed her critics again and tells the church:

“People think that I just got saved when I met DeVon or the year before, but I’ve been saved since I was 12. I’ve been loving the Lord since I was a little girl. The woman that God already made me—flaws and all—is the woman that DeVon fell in love with, not the woman I became after I met him.”


  1. People have such small minds when it comes to God. I’m glad he’s defending her and letting people know that Christianity does not mean perfect!

  2. People need to stop. Meagan was not some known tramp in the industry. People are acting like he married Kim K. LOL, just crazy.

  3. I think folks are tripping because she’s an actress. They are salty that he didn’t marry one of those Christian women in his church. It’s nothing but jealousy.

  4. I don’t question her, I question the man that is leading the youth as a Pastor. If we are admonishing our youth (especially our culture) on how to dress “young males with the saggin pants” and “young females showing all of their body parts.” Then how would we look as men of God. Meagan Good was one of my favorite actresses when I was worldly. Any man of God should be sure that he covers His wife regardless of your role but in a leadership position you are held at higher standards…

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