More Jail Time for Bobby Brown

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It hasn’t been a good few months for Bobby Brown. Not only is he not on good terms with his daughter Bobbi Kristina, but he’s also a very big target of Cissy Houston’s new book Remembering Whitney. And by the tone of the book, it still sounds as if Cissy is blaming her daughter’s ultimate demise on her ex husband. Bobby Brown himself has been struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol for years, and his addictions have landed him into some legal troubles. The death of his ex-wife Whitney Houston is rumored to be the reason he has picked up drinking again, and he was recently pulled over and charged with a DUI in October.

According to TMZ, the R&B singer was just sentenced to 55 days in jail. The website reports that Bobby was charged with a DUI and driving with a suspended license when he was pulled over last year. Cops claim he was driving erratically, so they pulled him over and smelled alcohol in his vehicle.

This is not the first time Bobby Brown has been charged with a DUI. He was charged with a DUI in 1996 and March of 2012 in which his license was also suspended.

The R&B singer pled no contest to the charges on Tuesday, and was sentenced to jail time in addition to four years of probation. He is also required to complete an 18-month alcohol addiction program and he has until March 30 to turn himself in to serve his time in jail.


  1. They both appear happy and look great….must have been taken in the very early stage of there relationship…..Bobby, do get the help u need!

  2. He’s got to finally kick his addictions. If not, he’ll keep catching charges. Isn’t he married again? His wife may need to seriously help him get into some counseling.

  3. I will be praying for Bobby cause I actually like the guy. I hope he gets the help he needs so that he can amend his relationship with his daughter.

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