Beyonce’s Ticket Sales Cause Stampede in the UK

Photo Credit: @baddiebey Instagram
Photo Credit: @baddiebey Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce is all set to start her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour this summer, but it’s been plenty of drama surrounding Bey’s upcoming tour already thanks to the dramatic ticket sale issues. Fans of Beyonce in the Unites States have already been complaining that tickets were completely sold out in minutes throughout the country, and many speculate that tickets have been gobbled up so quickly as a result of the dirty ways of ticket scalping websites purchasing tickets in bulk via Ticketmaster.  Beyonce is trying to smooth things out by adding additional shows to select cities, but it’s not helping matters much at the moment.

Interestingly enough, it looks like the ticket madness isn’t limited to the United States. According to recent reports, Beyonce’s fans in the UK were subjected to stampedes and violent thugs when they tried to purchase their tickets the other day at the Manchester Arena.

According to Manchester Evening News, fans are complaining that gangs of thugs hijacked the queue. About 300 of Bey’s fans stood in line for hours at the destination to purchase their tickets, but apparently groups of men arrived and began throwing bottles and intimidating them. This led to a few stampedes, and eventually the box office staff and security guards were concerned that there would be more chaos and violence if they went through with selling the tickets as planned; so they decided not to open up for sales.

Some of Beyonce’s fans claim the thugs were walking up to random people (and teens) and demanding that they purchase them tickets. Others report the thugs were openly taking drugs.


  1. Bey’s ticket sales for this concert EVERYWHERE have been a damn disaster. My stanning a-s is just going to keep it cute and wait for the show to come out on YouTube.

    1. LOL cosign! I’m over it. I think the ticket scalpers have ruined this tour beyond fixing. I’ll just wait to see her live when the SB hoopla dies down.

  2. Damn. Who’s managing this tour, Live Nation? They are doing a TERRIBLE job. First of all, Bey’s not doing enough shows and they need to shut down those ticket scalpers. StubHub is the main problem. I love me some Bey but I don’t have the patience for this. I too will just watch it on YouTube.

  3. I’m not surprised. I live in ATL and those damn tickets were sold out on the first day of the presale in like 3 minutes. And she’s performing at the damn Gwinnett Center instead of the GA Dome like most people do who have large fan bases. This tour was poorly planned and Ticketmaster is the worst. I’m very disappointed in how this tour has been managed so far.

  4. People are wildin’. Bey hasn’t even released her album yet, or any singles so that means this tour is just going to be a rehash of old material and routines. People are acting crazy because of that SB performance, but all of that was old too. I’m going to wait to see her after she drops this new album. That’s when she will update her show. If you saw her SB show, you’ve seen the tour.

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