NeNe Leakes Spills Some Tea on the Other Housewives

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes has gone Hollywood, and the newbie actress’ now growing resume has made it hard for her to hold on to her former title as the star of Real Housewives of Atlanta. This season, it’s pretty obvious that Kenya Moore is the frontrunner thanks to all of her cat fights and over the top dramatics with former onscreen boo Walter Jackson. Kenya’s even being credited as the sole reason that the show is bringing in record ratings in its fifth season, knocking Kim Kardashian off her throne of reality television ratings reign. But despite not being the star of the housewives this time around, it’s no doubt that NeNe is still the head housewife in charge. And from time to time, she has no problem reminding the other housewives that she’s still the boss of the series.

Fans of the show and supporters of NeNe Leakes do feel she’s become somewhat of a bore in comparison to Kenya. Maybe NeNe got the message and decided to create a little drama because the other day she took to her Twitter account to spill some tea on the other housewives in the form of blind items.

In the tweets, NeNe seems to suggest that one housewife is having money problems (Kenya Moore has been rumored to be broke and using the series to get her out of her current financial troubles), one is gaining too much weight, one has a secret past that they hope never gets out to the public (we’re thinking she could possibly be talking about Porsha), and the other is apparently talking about NeNe behind her back pretty heavily these days.

Check out the tweets (read from the bottom up):

nene leakes twitter 2

nene leakes twitter


We’ve told you who we think she’s referring to in the tweets, now tell us your guesses in the comment section below.


  1. Hmm…Theone who’s talking about her is Phaedra, the one with the past is Porsha, the one gaining weight is obviously Kandi, and the broke one is Kenya Moore. That was easy. LOL.

    1. I think you’re spot on. I just wonder when Porsha’s past is going to come to light. She already confirmed that she did some music videos. And you know how it is for video chicks. Lmbo.

  2. I think Porsha is the one with the past. For some reason it just would make sense that she had some wild ways if she was doing music videos at one point. Phaedra could be the one doing the talking about Nene, and it’s not hard to believe Kenya could be broke. That would explain why she’s trying so hard on the show. And Kandi is gaining weight, that’s hard to dispute. I’m sure she’ll lose it in time for the wedding though.

  3. Umm can NeNe really talk about somebody else gaining weight when she isn’t so small herself?! And she’s tall AND wide so she needs to stop it. LOL.

  4. I’m trying to understand what Porsha’s past could be though. Was she a music industry tramp? i mean, what could it be? And I wonder how bad Kenya’s money problems really are. She just made such a fool of herself in the first half of the season.

  5. I thought it was obvious Kenya Moore was broke when they confirmed her for the show. The old and successful Kenya would have NEVER done any reality TV. She thought she was the sh-t back then. She’s only doing it now because she’s washed up and needs the money!

  6. I think Porsha is the one with the past although Phedra has a past also. Kandi is the obvious choice for gaining weight, I think it’s Kenya who gave her stuff for her house if u remember Ne Ne said it herself that Kenya had stuff in storage that she let her use. But the talking behind her back could be all of them actually! lol or maybe her bestie cynthia because she is known for being two faced.

  7. NeNe needs to sit her big a-s down. She didn’t name any names and no one feels like guessing. She used to have no problems being messy on this show and keeping it real but now she’s too Hollywood to put names in her tweets. Whatever.

  8. nene i like you but you ARE SHADY AS HELL!!!!! you need to sit yo a-s down and thank GOD that he made a way for you to get that big a-s nose and those teeth of yours done. i mean you make money now but that doesnt mean you got room to talk about others sh-t they air brush yo a-s to death on ALL yo photos. Girl boo sit yo a-s down and Help raise yo GLAMBABY!!!!!! SHADYBOOTS

  9. Definetly poo-sha the gold digger. She was probably a prostitute in her time.thats the secret she wouldn’t want the public to know about. I love kenya. So what if she is broke and trying to better herself. Are you all so perfect you have no money worries…bet not. Parks I don’t like. Kandi I like but she must not get into being bitchy with parks and chatting others. Be neutral and stay out of have a lovely husband in Todd concentrate on him and fam. Oh can’t stand peter, he is worst than a women b-tching. ..anyone noticed he is always in women business. Keep kenya in rhoa and get rid of poo-sha .

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