‘Mary Mary’ Gets Renewed for Third Season

Photo Credit: WE tv
Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Taren Vaughan

Gospel singing group Mary Mary still remains to be one of the most popular gospel groups out. And they have managed to put out gospel tracks, adding their own unique spin to them which caused gospel music lovers to gravitate towards them as they appeal to multiple generations of worshippers, especially the younger crowd. Their music along with their style has given them a sizeable fan base, yet there are those that criticize them for not conforming to the norms when it comes to the way most gospel singers sing and dress, something that the award winning group has addressed in the past. Sisters Erica and Tina Campbell took it a step further by getting themselves involved in reality TV, starring together in the reality TV show ‘Mary Mary’ named directly after their singing group. And with most singers that have gotten involved in reality TV shows, their popularity with their target fans has gone up even more as they are getting to see the entertainers in another light than what they are used to seeing them in.

‘Mary Mary’ must have went over well with the viewers as the show got renewed for a second season. And now there is some more good news for the soulful sister duo as WE tv has announced that ‘Mary Mary’ will be returning for a third season. WE tv’s SVP of Original Production & Development Lauren Gellert spoke on the reality show and said that it is just what the network was looking for:

“It’s exactly this type of dimensionality that WE tv spotlights in women”.

For those who didn’t get a chance to check out Erica and Tina on the previous seasons of the show, they will get the chance to.


  1. I never watched but I probably won’t. Reality shows are becoming really dry and predictable.

  2. It’s a good show and I watch it, but if they never showed them singing/performing, I wouldn’t even know that they were a Gospel group! Most of the time they don’t act Christian-like, which would be fine if that wasnt what they were selling…. Just my honest opinion.

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