The-Dream Talks ‘Unwritten Rule’ for Working with Beyonce & Jay-Z

Photo Credit: @thekingdream Instagram
Photo Credit: @thekingdream Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

The-Dream is well known for being one of the best when it comes to cranking out the hits as he has a pretty impressive resume as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Though his personal life became the center of attention for a minute after he had some public fallouts with his ex-wife and daughter’s mother Singer Christina Milian on Twitter, no one denies that Terius Nash has a way with music and because of it, he was gotten the chance to get into the studio with some very big names in the industry, including Jay-Z and Beyoncé, with Beyoncé kicking off 2013 in a major way with inauguration and Super Bowl halftime performances and currently selling out shows for her world tour ‘The Mrs. Carter Show’. The Carters have much to celebrate but their most joyous moment by far was the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy Carter, the world getting another up close look at her on Beyoncé’s documentary Life Is But A Dream that aired on HBO that brought in the ratings. After Blue was born, some of Jay-Z’s close friends claimed that the birth of his baby girl brought out the softer side of the rapper. The-Dream however says when talking with RapFix Live that he thinks Jay has actually become grittier than he was before his daughter’s birth:

“Nah, I think he’s gotten a little bit more gritty.”

The-Dream confirmed that he was working with Jay in the studio but that is about all he is revealing about what they are doing:

“It’s so hard because on one hand, I’m really always anxious and excited about new music with everybody that I’m working with. On the other hand, they’re always A-List, high-profile, so nobody really wants them to know. So it’s hard for me to actually explain what I’m working on, when it’s coming.”

It’s hard for The-Dream to explain what he is working on with artists like Jay-Z and Beyoncé because he says that there is an unwritten rule when it comes to getting into the studio with those two:

“Keep Your Mouth Shut.”

Beyoncé and Jay-Z may have gotten more personal over the years with their fans. But the way The-Dream puts it, that openness that the power couple has going on right now doesn’t apply when it comes to making music as he says Bey and Jay aren’t ones for letting everybody know what they are cooking up in the studio.

Peep The-Dream’s interview below:


  1. Can’t say I blame Bey or Jay. It’s best to keep new music a secret until it’s time to release it. It just keeps people more interested I think.

  2. Is this all The Dream has to talk about these days?! I swear every interview he does now is about Jay-z and Beyonce. Kind of pathetic.

    1. Hey, I’d rather he kiss a-s and produce that put out crappy music with crappy vocals again. He was terrible as an artist.

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