American Idol to be Cancelled Over Decision to Cast Nicki Minaj as Judge?

Photo Credit: Fox
Photo Credit: Fox

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey’s beef has done nothing to help the ratings of American Idol. In fact, since both were selected as new judges, the show’s ratings have tanked. Interestingly enough, critics of the show suggest that the problem might be Nicki Minaj, seeing as a lot of the fans of the show don’t feel she’s qualified to judge talent. Last Wednesday, the ratings were another blow as Wednesday was the lowest the series has had since season one. Although FOX hasn’t confirmed that they might be placing the series on the chopping block after this season, the gossip mill is running rampant and some reports tend to suggest that American Idol might get the boot from the network, and it will most likely point the finger at Nicki Minaj, although the show was a sinking ship before she became a judge.

Here’s the report according to Illseed at AllHipHop:

Even though the added the busty Mariah (who reportedly had a freaking DOUBLE NIP SLIP recently) and the bootiyful Nicki Minaj (who treated us all to her thongy backside on V-Day) ratings for American Idol are at an all time American low. Why? This is the third week in a row that the ratings have gone down. IT has sparked rumors that the show may get nixed. Some also speculate that they may be blaming Nicki for the decline. Not sure the reasoning behind that, but somebody has to take the rap. Why not the rapper?


Of course this is just gossip for now and we can’t say we think American Idol might see the end just yet, but it does already seem as if people are placing the blame for low ratings on Nicki Minaj.

Do you think that’s fair? Speak on it below in the comment section.


  1. Nah, American Idol was getting wack before Nicki. It’s not cool how they keep throwing her under the bus.

    1. No, I have watch American Idol for the past two almost three years. The rating were very high when they had judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler. In fact, during those two years, the rating were at ther highest the show had ever been. Another thing, Randy has been a talent couch for at least 20 years, Keith Urban has been an artist for amlost 15 years and Ms. Carey has been proforming since the 90s….Nikki however, has only been known to anybody for less than 10 yyears. She’s a rapper, most if not all of her songs can not be played on American Idol because they are so explisit. She has no talent and has done nothing but cause drama and make extremely unprofessional comments to teenagers. She does nothing for the show but destract everyone like a damn cheerleader at a ball game. That’s why the ratings are so low. Get Steven and Jennifer to come back and I’m possitive the rating will sky rocket.

  2. Can’t blame her for the ratings. The producers wanted her and that’s not what the fans of the show wanted. They made the call, so they need to take the blame.

  3. She’s kind of terrible on the show. But I don’t think any new judge can save the show. People are over it. It’s not all Nicki.

    1. She is talented. She’s a very good rapper who watered herself down to go pop. And she can sing. Listen to her old stuff and tell me she can’t rap tho. Stop hating.

  4. I think this is another career decision that Nicki is going to regret later. They have already thrown her under the bus with that whole Mariah thing. They tried to paint her like a thug and angry black woman with that one. Oh well. Maybe this is karma for how dirty she did Lil Kim.

    1. Wait Debra, please tell me how she did Lil Kim dirty? She always paid homage to Kim but Kim was the one that went after her neck first.

      1. She stole her image boo. I mean she took the whole Barbie thing and everything. That was foul. I don’t blame Kim for going after her when she was that bold to do it in the first place. Don’t be delusional.

  5. Damn,now she may be back to rapping full time again …oh well it was good while it lasted (to not hear that gimmick s@#t. Oh well there was still Wayne) . Anyway …

  6. Yes and No. The ratings were sinking anyway, but the what i’ve seen of Nicki on the show helped it to sink further. She makes inappropriate comments, doesn’t know jack about singing. Whenever she critiques, i mute the tv.

  7. The show hasn’t been the same since Paula and Simon left. Haven’t watched the show since Ellen and that other girl was judges on the show. So, if this is the end for American Idol, it should have been long time ago. They (American Idol) knew what they were getting into when they hired Mariah & Nicki. Them two has been at each others throats for a minute.

  8. I dont even like her It’s not nickis fault. It hasn’t been the same since almost all the original judges left.

  9. I think in the beginning NM was just an a##. I thing that the producers made her play nice. She has gotten much better. As for qualifications, I don’t kow but she seems to fall into the same thought as the other judges in most cases. I think it is just funny how she changes her mind on who is good or not. I love the show and since there are other talent seeking shows I think that Idol should still continue on. I just think they need to change up her as a judge. I love Keith Urban and seems more than qualified to judge. I doubt he comes back because he is so busy. So there are two, I am not sure of Miriah’s touring arrangements. I thinks she brings the balance to the show and needless to say she sure has the quality to of a good ear for these contestents. I think everyone just needs to chill and see what happens. One thing for sure, there are many, many promenent figures whot tune in and a great many famous celebs who tune in. I for one love the idea of the show.

  10. Yo, I definitely think nobody is “hating” on Nicki Minaj, she is an ignorant individual and a narcacist. Srry but any individual that supposedly came from nothing n became something would talk to a teenager a growing mind and embarrass and degrade them has something wrong with her… Like something is psychologically wrong with her. When u insult and degrade children, I’m sorry but generally most everyone is gonna have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to Nicki, and her cruel comments. Anyone with eyes can see she is clearly not very talented at anything other than making faces… She needs to switch it up to save her career cuz I see her quickly becoming yesterday’s news… Sorry nicki

  11. I think they should fire Maria. I have to fast forward through her prima donna comments (that always have to include something about herself) so I don’t vomit. She never gives any valid feedback and can hardly form a sentence. NM may not have the years of experience, but she at least gives decent feedback that I think has been more accurate. If Maria is back, I certainly won’t watch next season. Keith is a great addition!

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