Lamar Odom’s Ex Pens Letter on Break up & Khloe Kardashian

Photo Credit: TLC
Photo Credit: TLC

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lamar Odom’s ex Liza Morales’ stint on reality television might have been short-lived since TLC made the decision to pull the plug on the series (Starter Wives: Confidential) thanks to low ratings, but that hasn’t managed to silence the former reality star and ex fiancée to the basketball star. Liza made headlines when she confessed that Lamar was and still is the only man that she has ever slept with. Of course Khloe Kardashian wasn’t too thrilled that Liza had made her way to reality television, and took to her Twitter account to throw some shade when it was confirmed that she would be on Starter Wives: Confidential. Regardless, Liza said she’s still going to share her story and go public with her truth. She has recently written an open letter on her situation with Lamar and how hard it was to watch him leave her to marry Khloe Kardashian.

In the letter which she shares with the Daily Beast, Liza writes:

“I don’t think I’ll forget the tight knot I felt in the pit of my stomach the morning I received the text message with three simple words on the screen. It read “I’m getting married” and it was from the man I’d spent more than 10 years of my life with. Years that included us getting engaged in 2000 and becoming parents to one daughter and two sons. Yet not long after our separation Lamar Odom was getting married to Khloe Kardashian, a woman he’d met four weeks before. How could the man who’d constantly given me reason after reason for why we couldn’t get married just yet now be ready to tie the knot so quickly? There aren’t words to explain how I felt that day.

“I met Lamar in the 9th grade in Queens, New York, and was completely taken in by his wit, charm, and that devastating smile he so easily flashed at anyone he met. We dated from the 11th grade on and shared a tight bond due to a lot of things, including the fact that we both were products of broken homes.

“Though my parents weren’t together, I did have a very close relationship with my father, whom I loved dearly and consider my hero. He worked very hard to make sure I could attend Catholic school and have everything I needed. But when I started dating Lamar that all changed. My father is Puerto Rican and he didn’t approve of me dating a black man. His small mind and small thinking ended the relationship with my dad. I wanted a life with Lamar and needed my family to support that. The next 10 years would be an amazing journey filled with many ups and down but Lamar and I were creating the family we’d both always dreamed of. Or so I thought.”


Liza also says that after the breakup with Lamar, both wanted things to be cordial; however, his relationship with Khloe would make that impossible:

“We kept things cordial for the children’s sake after the breakup, but that changed when he married Khloe. Now we only communicate through third parties and lawyers, which I regret deeply since it is exactly what we each experienced as children and said we wouldn’t do to our kids.

“I’ve only met Khloe once, at my request since she is my children’s stepmother and I felt it was important to get a sense of her and what she’s like around my children. It was a very pleasant meeting, she gave me a hug so I’m happy it happened.”


Liza also goes on to say she wanted to do the reality show as a way to show her daughter that she too can get up after life’s challenges and overcome them like her mother has done. Although she says she understands that Lamar wasn’t happy with her doing the show, it was a form of therapy to help her cope.


  1. She seems like a sweet person but she has to move on. Lamar wasn’t the one for her. It hurts but she has to let it go.

  2. She’s still talking about this? Liza and Lamar have been broken up for YEARS. This happened before Khloe. She has to let this go. For goodness’ sake!

    1. Thank you! I just don’t understand why she hasn’t moved on since 2008. She may need some professional help because this is NOT a good look,.

    1. No, she said in one of her thousand interviews that she and Khloe only speak when necessary about the kids since her sons graduation. That was when Liza gave the NYPost and interview saying Khloe and Lamar only came for a photo op. What a message to send to your kids Liza! She’s not right in the head to me.

  3. Liza needs to fire whoever is advising her. This self pity tour of 1 is beyond pathetic now. Please listen Liza….your relationship with Lamar was over in 2008! You have to stop talking about him and his wife of over 3 1/2. It really isn’t a good look. How do you expect any guy to be interested in you. You claim you want to move on and one day find a guy to marry. Well, you are the only one standing in your way. Your obssession with Khloe and Lamar is becoming sickening. Liza we feel for your loss, but breakups happen everyday. Your sitiuation is nothing new. You should have seen the flags when he continually told you he didn’t want to get married now. He was serious. He didn’t want to marry you. You have your whole rest of your life. Please don’t spend it talking about them. No one cares!

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