Why So Many Beyonce Fans Couldn’t Get Concert Tickets

Photo Credit: Asterio Tecson
Photo Credit: Asterio Tecson

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce is surely one of today’s singers that still knows how to put on a show, but unfortunately for her fans (who she affectionately refers to as the BeyHive), getting tickets to one of her shows these days is nearly impossible. As we recently reported, Beyonce is set to begin her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour very soon, but there has been controversy already surrounding ticket sales. Although fans in the US had about few days to secure tickets during pre-sales, tickets were literally gone in minutes. This has caused a huge outrage amongst Beyonce’s loyal fans, and many are crying foul in how hard it has become to secure tickets to see Beyonce perform live. Beyonce has slowly began to add additional shows in select cities, but that hasn’t managed to make buying tickets easier when it appears that so many “ticket broker” sites are buying up tickets in bulk in literally seconds during Ticketmaster and Live Nation sales.

An editor at The FADER did a little digging to discover why it’s so ridiculously hard to buy tickets for Beyonce’s upcoming world tour. And according to the website, most of the difficulties stem from the fact that most of the tickets are actually up for grabs during the pre-sales.

In fact, Beyonce had three different pre-sales. She had one that was exclusive to her fan club on the BeyHive blog, she had another with LiveNation/Ticketmaster, and another pre-sale for MasterCard holders. Then there’s tickets that are reserved for VIP, Beyonce’s team, and then promotional purposes like radio giveaways. Not to mention that just seconds when the pre-sale tickets become available, they are being bought up by bots that are working for “ticket brokers” who are pretty much just legal ticket scalpers. So by the time the pre-sales are over with, there’s usually only a couple of thousand tickets left for the general admission sale.

Of course, it’s probably not a stretch to say that most of the tickets were given away to the credit card company, considering that they are sponsoring Beyonce’s show. So if someone wants a higher chance of securing concert tickets sponsored by big credit card companies, they basically have to sign up for the card if they want a higher chance of securing tickets or you’ll just have to succumb to the inflated prices of ticket brokering sites like Stub Hub.

Apparently, this is becoming a trend for all artists, as this same process created a controversy surrounding a recent tour of Justin Beiber’s.


    1. Nothing will be done until this starts to hurt the artists and ticket companies. If people are willing to pay the inflated prices at Stub Hub, they won’t do anything.

  1. Yes, its ridiculous ! Stub Hub especially is known for that. Within seconds her tickets were sold out and I immediately went on stub hub and their prices are ridiculous !

  2. I got paid the day AFTER the presale & the Charlotte concert was already SOLD OUT SMH & it probably was people who won’t even go but will try to sell the tickets at a higher price SMH I guess I will have to miss her…The messed up thing will be if she has empty seats because no one buys the HIGHER price tickets SMH

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