Mike Vick’s Book Becomes Best Seller Despite Death Threats

Photo Credit: @MikeVick Twitter
Photo Credit: @MikeVick Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

Michael Vick‘s bookFinally Free‘ becomes best seller on Amazon? Mike Vick has made name for himself as far as NFL quarterbacks are concerned as his talent on the field is hard to overlook. As Vick gets much praise for his athletic ability, many people still can’t bring themselves to look past a move that he pulled off the field as Vick was sentenced to time in prison for his involvement in an illegal dog fighting ring, a piece of his property being the place where the dog fights took place. Being forced to serve time in prison and offering numerous public apologies for his behavior isn’t good enough in some people’s book as Mike Vick still hasn’t earned a lot of people’s forgiveness over the incident. As for the pro baller’s attempt to move forward from the scandal, he professes that he has learned from his mistake and has now brought his life experiences together in the form of a book, Vick recently releasing his autobiography titled ‘Finally Free’. Set to go on a book signing tour in several states across the country, the tour came to an abrupt halt as Vick and his family started to receive death threats, leading to the cancellation of the signings.Though the signings were cancelled, Mike Vick’s rep tells TMZ that the death threats will not be slowing Mike Vick down at all as he will continue on with his charity work:

“Regardless of the past threats, he has millions of fans around the world and has been receiving countless messages of support. He will continue to keep an active schedule working with charities.”

Vick’s rep also says that Mike Vick has committed himself to helping those in his community and is not going to stop that because he is receiving death threats.

Despite having to cancel his book signings over the death threats, nothing is going to get in the way of Mike Vick’s happiness, or his success either it seems as he revealed on his Facebook fan page that his book ‘Finally Free’ has become a best seller on Amazon:

michael vick book finally free amazon

Congrats to Mike Vick.


  1. Look at God! I’m so happy for him. Now he knows that there are lots of people who want him to succeed.

  2. Aww congrats! I like Mike Vick. I hope he continues to stay positive despite all the negativity. People can be so hateful.

  3. These grudge holding idiots really need to let this man live. Everybody makes mistakes in their past he has paid for his mistakes. Why is it they always never let black celebrities forget their past. Congratulations Mike Vick well deserved!

  4. Now hopefully all those demonic people who made the threats see that he’s not going anywhere and he will continue to succeed. Hate can’t stop God.

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