Exposed? Mike Vick’s Alleged Mistress Writing Tell-All Book

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Taren Vaughan

Mike Vick’s mistress writing tell-all book? NFL star quarterback Mike Vick is one pro baller who has dealt with backlash for years now as people are still hot with him over the dog fighting scandal he was involved in. Not only has he continued to receive heavy criticism over the incident, Mike Vick and his family members have even received death threats, which caused one of his book signings to get cancelled. Despite the threats made towards him and his family, Mike Vick pressed on and his book became a best seller. And even though he is a happily married man now, a woman is out to potentially cause some serious drama for the pro football player. Mike Vick’s alleged mistress Bella Escritor is writing tell-all book “The Quarterback Keeper The Michael Vick Version” about the alleged affair she supposedly had with Mike Vick and claims the book is her way of moving on from what allegedly happened between them. Bella also throws in the fact that she is in need of funding as she is trying to publish the book herself.

Here’s a brief description of what Bella will be dishing out in her upcoming tell-all:

The book will be about an NFL player who currently still plays as a starting Quarterback.  After having a 10 year relationship with him, Bella now feels the need to move on with her own life.  The one thing holding her back are all of the many secrets she kept inside for this man.  Telling his secrets to Bella was his way of a release in order to move on with his own life.  Need funds to cut out the middle man and self publish the novel.  The novel will include personal documents such as love letters, photographs, text messages.

The story is a personal account of the author’s true life experiences and relationship with a loved and hated NFL Quarterback.  The secrets are personal and revealing them to the public will be a major step that will include a moral compass for the writer.  All of the content is owned by the writer and therefore will not be a problem legally.  The media will more than likely have a field day with this book once it is written and the secrets of this Quarterback are made public knowledge.


  1. Why do all these side chicks act so self entitled? I’m not giving her my money to write about being a skank to a football player.

  2. And I’m not interested. As long as he brings it on the football field this season I could care less.

  3. Honestly, she just needs to stop. Whatever “secrets” he told her she needs to keep to herself. What this is really about is she’s mad he turned around and got married. The bitterness shows.

  4. Don’t nobody give a f?!k about wat this skeezer talking bout they kill me u messed around wit him for 10years now he probably ain’t paying yo a-s no attention now u wanna write a book child please when u that other ho! That’s what u get and anybody that buy that trash u selling would b a fool that’s what u choose so who wanna hear about it Go get u a real job IJS!

  5. This excuse for a person just wants money. Get a job instead of giving them ( if you catch my drift ) You lost; Kijafa won. She took your man ( so you say ). Get over it.

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