Nicki Minaj Feels People are Overreacting About Her Being Late to ‘Idol’

Photo Credit: Fox
Photo Credit: Fox

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj probably thought her new stint as a judge on American Idol would be a great move for her career, but we have to wonder now if the female rapper regrets signing up for the show these days. Not only did Nicki’s beef with fellow newbie judge Mariah Carey make her look worse than it made Mariah, but what was rumored to be nothing more than a publicity stunt for ratings ended up getting extremely messy and made her look like an angry and violent thug who shouldn’t be on the show. After Mariah claimed in an interview that Nicki threatened to shoot her during an argument on the panel, it seems like most of the failures of the show this season are being blamed on Nicki. And now that ratings are at an all time low, showing up late for the live show the other day probably wasn’t in Nicki’s best interests.

Nicki was criticized heavily yesterday when reports confirmed that the female rapper arrived late to the show, and although Nicki says she was late as a result of bad traffic, even the contestants are saying that it’s a regular occurrence that they have come to expect.

Paul Jolley tells E! News:

“It’s not the first [time] and probably not the last. But I’m OK with it. I love Nicki [laughs].”


After being ripped to shreds for being late on the social networks and all over the media, it appears that Nicki feels the backlash is an overreaction and the whole situation got more attention than it deserved.

She tweets:


nicki minaj twitter


  1. Nicki needs to learn the basics of being a black celeb. She showed up late with a hoodie on her head. Ma’am. Really? Of course that made “eye witness” news. Smh.

    1. THANK YOU. When I read that she showed up late with a damn hoodie on her head I was through. She’s not being smart about any of this. She’ll get backlisted faster than she thinks.

  2. Nicki better stop before she pisses of the white people. They will ruin you if they get the itch. Don’t give them the ammo…look at Breezy for a reminder of how real it can get. LOL.

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