Nicki Minaj Angers ‘American Idol’ Execs After Showing up Late

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi
Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj’s new stint as a judge on American Idol hasn’t been a smooth one at all. The female rapper’s “Idol” problems began as soon as reports confirmed that fellow judge newbie Mariah Carey was outraged she would be sharing her spot on the panel with the Head Barbie. According to reports, Mariah just didn’t feel Nicki was qualified enough to judge talent, especially since she hasn’t been in the music business as long as the rest of the panel. Nicki didn’t take too well to Mariah’s lack of enthusiasm, and arguments between the two became a norm. But things would escalate once Mariah told Barbara Walters in an interview that Nicki had threatened to shoot her during one of their arguments. Nicki denied the claims and ended up dragging Mariah via her Twitter account.

Although Nicki and Mariah have calmed down their antics with one another, ratings for the season are at an all time low, and it appears that Nicki still isn’t having the easiest time getting adjusted to being on the show. The other day she caused controversy for showing up to a live show late. She credits traffic for the cause of her tardiness, but even some of the contestants said she arrives later than the other judges on a regular basis. After Nicki’s lateness made headlines, she took to her Twitter account to confirm that she felt the backlash was unnecessary. Well now it appears that the American Idol execs don’t seem to agree, and reports are claiming that they are heated that Nicki arrived to a live show late.

Fox News reports:

“Ryan was the angriest and Nigel (Lythgoe, executive producer) was mad too. Nicki knew better,” an inside source told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “And Mariah was just annoyed, she’s really over (Nicki.) They were all just embarrassed that it happened.

…Everyone was really shocked,” added the source. “Nicki looked really bad.”
A rep for FOX told us that “Ryan addressed it at the top of the show” and that there was no further comment.”


As we recently reported, Nicki isn’t so sure if she will do another season of American Idol, but at this rate, we have to wonder if the network would invite her back.


  1. Smh. Welp, they should have never hired her. Nicki is still a youngin in the business, so this kind of behavior is to be expected.

  2. This really could have been a great opportunity for Nicki to gain even more fame and more open doors but instead, it’s sabotaging her. She looks so unprofessional, immature, bratty, and dare I say it…classless. She may be newer in the business, but isn’t she in her late 20s? Yeah, she DOES know better.

  3. Smh. I’m speechless on this. I really want Nicki not to get fired, that would make her look terrible.

  4. Of course they are mad. That was embarrassing. You watch the show and you can’t help but notice that empty chair on camera. She really needs to get it together.

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