NeNe Leakes Goes off on Wendy Williams & Gets Closer to Joining ‘The View’

Photo Credit: @neneleakes Twitter
Photo Credit: @neneleakes Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wendy Williams has a way of starting controversy. And usually the controversy she starts is a result of some snide comments she’s made about a celebrity’s private life or physical appearance. It’s clear the talk show host has burned a lot of bridges in her career but Wendy refuses to be censored. And just a couple of days after The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Janet Hubert read her for filth, she’s still taking shots but this time she’s directing her mouthpiece to reality star and once upon a time “friend” NeNe Leakes. While we’re not sure what she exactly said about Gregg and NeNe Leake’s relationship on her show today, whatever was said surely rubbed NeNe the wrong way and the reality star took to her Twitter account to drag Wendy Williams.

NeNe tweets:

nene leakes twitter


Of course it didn’t take long for NeNe’s fans and supporters to remind her that she’s in too good of a place to allow Wendy Williams to get under her skin:

nene leakes twitter 2


In related news, according to the latest talk show gossip, NeNe Leakes is seriously being considered as a replacement for Joy Behar on The View. As we recently reported, NeNe has been making guest appearances on the show and she’s already expressed a strong interest in joining the other hosts. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Joy Behar the other day and asked her how she felt about NeNe possibly taking her place, and Joy Behar had nothing but nice things to say:

“Oh, NeNe! I love NeNe! Yeah, I think she’d be very good. I don’t think that anyone can replace you, but if anyone can…It’d be NeNe! She’d be great. She’s fun!”


  1. Just what we need NeNe’s loud mouth on daytime tv but I will say I respect her ambition and hustle.

  2. Didn’t Nene buy Wendy a Celine bag a couple months ago??
    My how the tie flies…

    Anyhow, NO…PLEASEEEEE don’t put Wendy on The View!!!!! She Embarassed us enough on RHOA & Celebrity Apprentice…we don’t need this heffa embarrassing us 5 days/wk!!

    PS- I like her in the above photo. Much better than her Kim Z coloured hair now.

  3. NeNe on The View? LOL that would be a mess. I think I would enjoy that though. Can you imagine her getting into it with the republican chick? LOL!!!!

  4. Good. I always felt their friendship was fake. Now NeNe sees that Wendy will talk about anybody. Don’t befriend her.

  5. I don’t know why people keep responding to Wendy. That’s why she keeps talking cause these fools keep reacting to what she says! Once Wendy stops getting reactions, she’ll shut her mouth!

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