Kordell Stewart Shades Porsha on Instagram & Calls Her a Gold Digger?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s nothing like having Instagram and Twitter accounts to hint that your personal life may be in shambles and if anyone knows that best, it’s today’s celebrities. As we recently reported, Kordell and Porsha Stewart are getting a divorce, and the news has either shocked or affirmed people depending on who you talk to. In NeNe Leakes’ case, she claims she saw it coming, while the other housewives just hinted that it made sense although they do hope there could be a reconciliation despite the problems the couple faced in front of the cameras. Kordell has been perceived as being too controlling of Porsha, regardless, the reality star claimed in a statement that she believed they were both committed to working on the marriage. Her rep says she was blindsided by the news of Kordell filing the divorce papers to the court, and even claims Porsha wanted to file first, but he talked her out of it and asked her to stay. Regardless, if Kordell’s Instagram account is a valid platform for his thoughts and feelings, we have to come to the conclusion that he’s been over the marriage for a while now.

In fact, the other day he posted a photo that seemed to suggest that he feels his estranged wife is nothing more than a gold digger:

kordell stewart instagram

kordell stewart instagram 2


And it looks like he sent a subliminal message to Porsha a couple of weeks before filing for divorce. He posted a cryptic meme and caption that suggested he wasn’t interested in Porsha’s apologies:


kordell stewart instagram 3


  1. Is this down low fool serious? He obviously doesn’t want a woman to help him get “IT” considering he demanded Porsha stay home and not have a career.

  2. Yeah. Now I can see what Porsha meant by being blindsided and led on by this fool. One minute he wants a trophy housewife who loves staying home and living off his income, the next he wants an independent woman to help him make the money. He doesn’t make any sense.

  3. Hold on WHAT? I guess he’s salty that he didn’t get a pre-nup. But you can’t divorce a woman after telling her she can’t work a job and then tell the court she doesn’t deserve spousal support. That won’t hold up in court.

  4. More proof that Kordell is an a-shole who had no business getting married in the first place. He lacks class and he’s a bully. I’m glad it’s over.

  5. He acts like such a female. What on earth does Porsha have to be sorry for besides ever marring this idiot?

  6. Smh. What a jacka-s. He clearly doesn’t remember that it was HIM who asked HER to stay at home and not pursue a career. My how we forget things when we get called out for our BS.

  7. He shouldn’t have put this on IG. Even if they are getting a divorce, he needs to show her some respect. But I’m sure that’s asking too much out of him because he didn’t respect her on the show. Men like Kordell irk the hell out of me. They ought to be shipped to some island somewhere so women never have to make the mistake of marrying them.

  8. Some things should never be said on Instagram and Twitter. People love to call Porsha Stewart stupid or childish but she’s keeping it classy on her Twitter/IG accounts. That’s more than we can say for this fool here.

  9. So he’s just going to blame everything on Porsha huh? See, I knew he wasn’t a REAL MAN. It’s always the pansies that yell “I’m the head of the household” but aren’t man enough to actually hold their woman down. Nor was he man enough to at least tell her he was filing for divorce. I still believe real men want partnerships! Not a dictatorship!

  10. This was so unnecessary. He says he wants privacy for everything but look at what he’s posting on IG. Smh.

  11. This whole thing reminds me so much of the Deion and Pilar situation. Women need to pay attention and start doing for themselves. Marriages aren’t guaranteed to last. At least marry someone who respects you and wants you to have your own identity. A partnership type marriage has a better chance of lasting and they just are much better scenarios for women in 2013.

  12. I just feel men respect women who have their own more than the women who don’t. These men are not cut from the same cloth as men back in the day who loved the whole housewife thing. This just shows Kordell didn’t really want a housewife to begin with and the divorce is really just his way to be spiteful because he blames Porsha for the criticism he got from fans and the other housewives. The last straw was her saying she wanted to go back for another season. This is all spite here.

  13. This is the MOST attention Porsha has gotten all season. Oh yeah, she’s definitely doing another season of RHOA. LOL.

  14. Stupidity. Either you want a trophy wife or a career woman. Can’t have both. I’m glad they are getting a divorce. He’s confused but loves to control. Not worth it.

  15. For real Kordell ?? When this this women asked why couldn’t she have both a career and be a mother
    you told her NOOO she had to choose. What a B–CH . You know how badly she wants to be a mom
    and you call her a gold digger!!!!

  16. Um, that wasn’t a Malcolm X quote. That was quoted by the people who killed him. Am I the only one bothered by that? Either way she should be glad that they didn’t have a kid together. Ugh. Calling her a gold digger when her family has had money long before he was in the picture. Loser.

    1. “Um, that wasn’t a Malcolm X quote. That was quoted by the people who killed him. Am I the only one bothered by that?” <<< Nope, you weren't. I just think most of us were just so disgusted with how he's treating Porsha that we forgot to mention that part. But you're right. X didn't say that, but Kordell is such a muscle head, I can't say I'm shocked he didn't know any better.

  17. He’s such a b-tch! How is she a gold digger when she comes from money? And I’m sure her family has way more money than him. Porsha should be thanking God that this demon will be out of her life soon!

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