India Arie Shuts Down Skin Bleaching Rumors

Photo Credit: Chris Hakkens
Photo Credit: Chris Hakkens

By: Taren Vaughan

India Arie accused of bleaching her skin? India Arie is not only an artist that is known for her Afro-centric style but she is also one that is all about self pride and loving yourself just the way God made you. Whether she is rocking her natural hair or rocking none at all, India Arie’s vibe has always been one of extreme confidence as she tries to stay away from the mainstream norms when it comes to how singers should look. However, the cover for her new single “Cocoa Butter” has folks thinking that India Arie is not practicing what she preaches anymore as the singer appears to look a few shades lighter on the cover, leading people to think that she bleached her skin. Rapper RhymeFest is the one of the many people who got a conversation going about India Arie’s appearance on the cover and struck up talk about whether or not she bleached her skin through a series of tweets (Read from bottom to top):

indie arie bleached skinindia arie bleached skin

Finding the talk of her bleaching her skin completely ridiculous, India Arie denied the rumors, saying that she would not put her health in danger over something like that and that she is still the self-loving India Arie that we know (Read from bottom to top):

india arie denies bleaching skinHere’s the photo of India Arie that RhymeFest was referring to that he tweeted out to his followers:

india arie denies bleaching skin



  1. People get outraged by the silliest things. Clearly, this was Photoshopped. This happens to black celebs all the time.

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