Kandi Calls out NeNe for Talking Greasy About Deceased Fiancé At Reunion Show

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Taren Vaughan

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 reunion show is on its way. And bits and pieces of the three-part reunion show are starting to make their way to the web. One of the clips in particular involves Kandi Burruss and NeNe Leakes. Before the season 5 of RHOA started, things were said to have gotten physical between NeNe and Kandi on the set of the show. Both denied that a fight ever went down between them yet we have seen Kandi and NeNe verbally get into in a time or two in the past. Though it was clear that Kim was the one that Kandi couldn’t seem to get along with this season, that doesn’t mean that all was well with her and NeNe. NeNe has plainly said before that she thinks Kandi is jealous of her and her success, a thought of NeNe’s that Kandi finds to be hilarious one. As NeNe just patched things up with Kim Zolciak, there are still come unfinished issues lingering between her and Kandi. In a sneak peek clip of the reunion show, Host Andy Cohen tries to get to the bottom of things as far as Kandi and NeNe’s relationship is concerned. And he starts off with asking a fan question to Kandi in reference to NeNe says that Kandi throws shade at her on the regular. And Kandi responds by saying:

“Yeah, sometimes there’s shade thrown. But I feel like she always throws shade at me. So I don’t feel like it’s anything more than what she’s done to me.”

And you best believe NeNe wasn’t going to keep quiet on that one:

“Well I really don’t think that I talk negative about you Kandi. I think that I speak my opinion. And you may take it as negativity but it’s simply my opinion.”

Andy then asked about the tweets that NeNe sent out where she talked about a nameless housewife that always is asking about food but doesn’t need anything to eat. And she made not attempt to hide the fact that she was talking about Kandi:

“Now we all know that’s Kandi. She was asking for food when I tweeted that.”

And Kandi says she doesn’t get why NeNe can crack jokes on and say things about people but gets mad when the favor is returned:

“See but that’s what I’m saying. It’s like okay, you can say that about me and yeah we can laugh about  it. But if I say something about you NeNe, and it’s like ‘Ahh! she just…’  You know what I mean?”

NeNe claims though that she never hits Kandi below the belt with her comments:

“No, we can definitely laugh about it. I’m just saying, we just talked about it. You know, I feel like if you can dish it out, just be able to take it. And you know, as long as I’m not trying to cut you to the white meat and you know, hit you below the belt, then we cool.”

Kandi had to stop her there though as she says that NeNe said some offensive things about her deceased fiance’ A.J.:

“I think that you have done that before…One time when you were on the radio in the past, you said something about my relationship with A.J. and it was about whatever. And I felt like ‘Whoa, okay.’ That was not cool for you to say. So that’s when I felt like ‘You know what, I don’t mess with her like that.’ And that’s when you got a different me.”

Oh this reunion special is going to be a good one.

Peep the clip below:


  1. These two will never be cool because they just don’t like each other. I’m not sure why but I guess they just sensed that the other one was likable. LOL.

  2. Meh, yeah we should all respect the dead but A.J. wasn’t a saint. When he died, people just continued to say what they were saying about him when he was alive. Some say he was a street dude and that’s what got him killed. That’s most likely what NeNe said.

  3. NeNe know what the hell she be doing. She always try to throw shade at Kandi on the slick side then try to play it off like its nothing. She does that because she don’t have legitimate beef with Kandi. NeNe grow the F up and stop trying to create beef with Kandi.

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