Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian Get Accused of Charity Scam?

Photo Credit: @khloekardashian Instagram
Photo Credit: @khloekardashian Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian continue to be one of the tabloids’ favorite couples to target, and it’s always rumored that the marriage between these two is on the rocks, and the tabloids usually cite Khloe’s infertility issues as a cause of their “problems.” Despite the rumors, both Khloe and Lamar claim they are doing great and they refuse to let any of the reports hinder their marriage. Although the couple is used to the persistence of the tabloids, the newest speculation surrounding their marriage is a lot more shameful than those reports of Lamar’s alleged infidelity. According to a new report from ESPN, the couple’s charity for cancer research appears to be nothing more than an unorganized scam.

The organization, Cathy’s Kids, was created by Lamar Odom to raise funds to find a cure for cancer. However, it’s being reported that although the organization managed to raise $2.2 million dollars, 0% of that went to cancer research. Here’s more details on ESPN’s findings, according to Opposing Views:

Eight years ago, Lamar Odom started the charity Cathy’s Kids which was set up to raise money for cancer research. Both Lamar and Khloe Kardashian advertise for the fund on their respective websites and have had fundraisers for the charity and have used it as their charity of choice when mentioning the good things they do for people. ESPN has discovered that in the eight years of its existence, exactly $0 has gone to any cancer entity. So, the question is where is all the money? Did it go to Lamar’s fashion line? Maybe Khloe has it. The records show that of the $2.2M raised, 60% went to finance two basketball teams for kids who travel around the country playing. Another $70K a year or so goes to Lamar’s best friend as a salary although it is not clear exactly what he does.


The website also suggests that money is still being raised on both Lamar and Khloe’s websites, and when questioned about it by reporters, Lamar was visibly upset by the questions but didn’t answer.


  1. What in the world? Now they know better than this. They better watch it because the IRS will make them pay big time for this.

  2. The mission was to help the underprivilege and he has been doing it. Now, if it was also to help cancer research and they haven’t. That’s a bad look. They need to either drop that as a mission or step it up. Lamar has funded to inner city teams giving scholarships etc. The charity has done work. He has been funding the charity. In the original ESPN report it said they were audited 5 times within the 8 year existence and there was no fraud. He hasn’t been pocketing the money. He’s been loaning the charity money. They need to clear this mess up because they are getting killed in the press. The ones who was in charge need to speak up. The charity was run by his business partner, his agent, and one of his best friends who’s the asst coach of the Warriors. They refuse to speak and have left him holding the bag looking incompetent. He needs to check his money too.

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