Kelly Rowland Says Beyonce Doesn’t Need to Address Keyshia Cole (Update)

Photo Credit: The Breakfast Club/YouTube
Photo Credit: The Breakfast Club/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Kelly Rowland has an album dropping this year, and although Talk that Talk is expected to drop this summer, an official release date hasn’t yet been confirmed. This morning, the singer told The Breakfast Club that she’s still looking to release the album on June 4, but she’s still adding finishing touches and the date could change. While it’s clear her album will be pretty sexy and show the world a more confident side to Kelly, she admits it feels good that she can open up and try news things musically with her album. In fact, it’s one of the reasons Kelly recently defended Beyonce’s controversial “Bow Down” song and in her recent interview with The Breakfast Club, the singer says she loves the song and feels women who are secure with themselves won’t have an issue with the record (shade). Kelly also talked about being single in her 30s while all her girlfriends are all wives and mothers, as well as all the people she collaborated with for her upcoming album. Interestingly enough, one of the producers she collaborated with is The-Dream, the producer who recently said he can’t work with Keyshia after she dissed Beyonce. Here’s the highlights of the interview.

On if she feels left out because all of her close friends are wives and mothers:

“All of my girlfriends have babies. That actually was a thought. I truly believe that when it is my time to be married and have a child, I will because in all honesty, I’m still selfish…I like my life the way it is right now.”


On why she and Beyonce doesn’t have to respond to Keyshia Cole:

“Do you have to hit somebody or give somebody words in order to…I think that silence is the best power because you don’t have to say nothing. They [Keyshia Cole] did all the talking. Just keep talking. But I don’t think it’s important to fire back because you’re just feuling the fire. We too grown for that stuff.”

Kelly also added that a person’s success should speak for them, so they won’t have to respond to negativity.


Kelly addresses rumors that suggest there will be another Destiny’s Child album. She says:

“That’s actually a surprise. I don’t know if it’s an album. We haven’t talked about an album, we haven’t talked about a tour.”


Kelly also says that despite the criticism, she actually likes the “Bow Down” record. And in her opinion, secure women won’t be bothered by the song:

“I do like the Bow Down record. I think that when you just understand who you are as a woman, you can accept the record. You get it.”


However, Kelly does think the backlash is silly and she says an artist has a right to step outside of the box when they want to:

“You know what, people gone talk, people gone talk. Who cares? Who cares? Who gives a crap? You’re an artist, you’re allowed to try out different things and see what you want to do, see if it’s going to work or not…if it’s great, whatever. I think that’s she’s blessed, we’re all blessed to have freedom.”


And it didn’t take long at all for Keyshia to respond to what Kelly had to say:

keyshia cole kelly rowlandYou already know what happened after she tweeted that (Read from top to bottom):

keyshia cole twitter

Check out Kelly Rowland’s interview below:


  1. I love Kelly. And she’s right. The song is a cocky anthem for when you’re feeling yourself. All the bitter and insecure, jealous females got mad about it. #HeyKeyshia

  2. Kelly is so fab. I love how she seems like she has a little “hood” in her too. But we all know Bey isn’t going to give Keyshia the time of day. And she shouldn’t. Bey’s face is on a damn Pepsi can. That’s what Keyshia is really mad about. And to be real, that’s what Keyshia was really mad at during the Super Bowl. She just didn’t have the courage to come for Bey then. It was always about Bey and never about Michelle.

    1. OMG this is so true! I said the same thing! It’s always been about Bey! Michelle was a cover up! Bey keeps winning and Keyshia couldn’t hide the jealousy any longer!

  3. I love Kelly but she better come with it on this new album! I don’t like the Kisses Down Low song!

  4. Why is people still entaining this? Kelly, my love, please promote your album and quit responding for your leader! In my eyes, Keyshia is winning with this cause people won’t let it rest! #overit!

    1. Leader? Beyonce is one of her best friends and like a sister. Do you not defend your close friends or siblings? If not, I question your character. But then again, you’re most likely a Beyonce hater, so this is typically the kind of comments you all make. I’m sure I could go on the other Keyshia Cole post from the other day and I will see you were on there defending her classless behavior. You hate when black women stand together and don’t tweet insults to each other on Twitter. #pathetic

      1. I agree….Keyshia is hating…and Kelly should defend her friend and she can promote her album….obviously the insecure chicks will be the ones to defend Keyshia Cole and there are a lot of them out there…

  5. LOL. Keyshia is a very weak and insecure woman. She has to respond to EVERYTHING. That’s what weak people do. I’m glad everyone now sees what some of us knew all along. Her attitude is nasty as hell.

  6. Keyshia has to be living an unhappy life. What’s the matter, husband not handling business at home? No happy person acts like this. I thought she could still make music for the angry, bitter females without actually being one. I guess I was just being naive.

  7. I saw her mentions…nothing but ignorance. Welp, someone had to take Keri Hilson’s place. She needed a break.

  8. She’s still tweeting? LOL. You’d think she’d be too busy to be doing all of this. When you have time to keep stirring trouble on Twitter, your career is in trouble.

  9. Keyshia not only has to worry about the stans dragging her but her hubby’s side chicks stay slaying her in her mentions too. Keyshia is a miserable person, and that “marriage” isn’t making her any happier. Hurt people hurt people. See how Bey hasn’t said anything? She lives a happier life.

    1. Beyoncé is flying high above all the haters…I mean why should she respond to Keyshia, who isn’t on her level…a lot of people hate on Beyoncé but the lady works hard for what she has and others could have the same if they put more work into their career and stay off twitter wars…

  10. So Keyshia’s feelings got hurt because Kelly said the truth which was more people care about Destiny’s Child than her. LOL. See, told y’all this was about jealousy. Keyshia wasn’t speaking her “opinion.” She was just hating as usual.

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