Ray J. Disses Kim Kardashian & Kanye in New Song

Photo Credit: @rayj Instagram
Photo Credit: @rayj Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are no stranger to controversy. When the couple first went public with their romance last April, many suspected the relationship was nothing more than a publicity stunt. But now Kim and Kanye are expecting their first child together and they have been together publicly for a year. Regardless, the relationship hasn’t been without its bumps in the road, as Kim is still in the middle of a divorce from estranged husband Kris Humphries. Kim still being married to Kris has put a wrench in Kimye’s desires to get married, and it’s pretty easy to believe that Kris may be enjoying that. Then of course there’s the constant rumors that Kim and Kanye are going through a rough patch, reports the couple attempt to shut down by making red carpet appearances together. Regardless, Kim’s ex boyfriend Ray J. has no plans to let her forget about their past, which consists of a certain video that “thrusted” Kim into the spotlight.

Ray J. recently took shots at Kim on Twitter when she made a tweet about moving on from your past, and now it appears he’s taking his insults to a new level and coming out with a diss song. In the diss song that’s reportedly called “I Hit It First,” Ray J. allegedly takes shots at “Kimye” and reminds both of the stars that Kim wouldn’t be where she is today (at least in Ray J.’s opinion) had it not been for him.

He released the artwork for the single today:

ray j. i hit it first cover


The cover is a blurred out and scrambled photo of Kim Kardashian on the beach, and it’s being reported that the singer will release the single in full on TMZ at Monday 7 a.m./EST on TMZ, and it will be available on iTunes on Tuesday.


  1. I don’t even like Kim, but this is pathetic. He has to use her name to get any attention or act like a hoodlum to make it on the blogs. He’s lame.

  2. As much as I loate Kim Karslutian, this is absolutely pathetic Ray. J. This is worst than that interview u did high off that Molly

  3. Ray-J must be still mad she became more famous than him. LOL Brandy please come get your brother. Ray-J so what you hit Kim add your name to the list who cares if you hit first. STILL A FLOP!!!!!!!

  4. Umm, technically, he wasn’t the one to hit it first. Kim had a whole marriage and the high school tramp years before she met Ray J. He needs to get some business about himself.

    1. Agreed. I can’t believe he’s still on this. I don’t know if something deep happened behind the scenes but he just refuses to let this go.

  5. Ok. Now this is a perfect example as to why FLOPS can’t come for people who are on top. I can’t stand Kim and can’t stand Kanye, but Ye is on top. This is just like Keyshia coming after Bey, it’s hilarious and pathetic at the same time. Stay mad Ray J.

  6. For you Ray J.:


    I would tell your music career to have a seat, but it’s been sitting still for over a decade.

  7. It’s hard to believe he and Brandy are siblings sometimes. She’s so classy and he’s nothing but trash.

  8. Ray j need to sit his “non factor ” a-s down somewhere he the one living in the past . Move on focus on a hit album or something

  9. Awww, does Brandy’s little bro bro need a hug? LOL Maybe he should go cry with Rob K……LOL

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