Listen: Ray J.’s Diss Song to Kim and Kanye Leaks Early

Photo Credit: @rayj Twitter
Photo Credit: @rayj Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may have officially made it to the one year mark with their romance, but the journey for these two hasn’t been without its controversy. Kim feels Kanye is the love of her life and that they are meant to be together, but the couple can’t make things official and get married considering Kim is still legally married to estranged husband Kris Humphries. Although the couple has a baby on the way, Kris is refusing to give in to Kim’s demands of settling for a divorce instead of an annulment, and both have been fighting tooth and nail to win the legal battle in court. What Kris really wants more than money though is reportedly Kim’s admittance that the 72 day marriage was nothing more than a sham for ratings, but Kim claims she really did love him and things just didn’t work out. However, some reports suggest Kanye was in the picture, even while she was in a committed relationship with Reggie Bush, and the relationship was more than an innocent friendship.

Reggie might have moved on and has a baby on the way himself, but Ray J. seems to be the only ex of Kim’s that just refuses to let the past go. As we recently reported, the singer and little brother to singer Brandy Norwood has decided to release a diss song to “Kimye” and the track is entitled “I Hit It First.”

The song was supposed to debut on TMZ on Monday, but it “leaked” early Saturday evening, and has everyone talking.

Here’s some of the controversial lyrics:

She might move on to rappers and ballplayers/But we all know I hit it first./I had her head going North and her a*s going South/But now baby chose to go West/No matter where she goes or who she knows/She still belongs in my bed.”


Neither Kanye or Kim have officially responded as of yet, but mostly everyone who has heard the track feels it screams extreme thirst on Ray J.’s end.

Check out the track below:


  1. The song is terrible and sounds extremely thirsty. But I will say Kanye needs to respond on a verse on a song. The only reason why I say he needs to respond because Kanye called out Kris and he never said anything publicly about Kim. Ray-J keeps running his mouth about Kim. He don’t have to respond directly but Kanye needs to throw some type of shade.

  2. It’s really time for Ray J. to just let it go. Kim will meet the same fate as her former BFF Paris Hilton and fade away eventually. But he needs to stop looking so bitter.

  3. pathetic…..he cant find another way to climb the ladder of success so he has to bring this sh*t up……whatta idiot, he is super thirstyyyyyyyy and so is his sister BRANDY she needs to be in jail for kiing someone on the highway

  4. This song and Ray J. are both a symbol of how pathetic some of these lonely and unsuccessful men are. After you deal with their BS and you move on to be more successful than them, happier, and even married (while they have no one), they try to pull the “well I hit it first!” card. Chile bye. You hit it first, but you’re in LAST place where it matters. It’s 2013, get over yourself Ray J. Kim did, and so has the rest of the world, hence the career you still don’t have. Stay mad.

  5. Amanda, you’re doggone right the song “screams extreme thirst.” Wasn’t that tape made just about a decade ago???

  6. Ray J, please cut this crap and get over Kim. You had her and you blew it! What a cry baby. She has moved on but you seem to be stuck on the past. Pathetic!! No wonder, your career is also stuck at nowhere.

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