DMX Says He Enjoys Being in Prison

Photo Credit: OWN/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: OWN/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper DMX is rumored to be battling drug abuse again, and it’s clear that he won’t be able to make a comeback in music if he doesn’t tackle his personal issues. His estranged wife Tashera Simmons made an appearance on TLC’s shortly lived reality show Starter Wives Confidential, and on the show she talked repeatedly about being concerned about her ex and confirmed that his issues have strained his relationship with their kids. DMX recently sat down with Iyanla Vanzant on OWN’s Iyanla: Fix My Life, and the encounter was an explosive one. The episode is set to premiere Saturday, April 13, at 9/8c; and many have already gotten a glimpse through sneak peeks of how intense the session was for both DMX and Iyanla.

Although DMX does spend most of his time screaming and cursing out Iyanla, there are some raw moments where viewers can begin to understand DMX’s personal struggles. In a recent clip released, DMX admits that he loves being in prison, but he also admits that his troubled relationship with his mother played a huge role in his current personal struggles.

On why he loves being in prison, the rapper says:

“I enjoyed it [being in prison]. I got three meals a day…clothes.”


He also began to get emotional when he started talking about his rocky relationship with his mom:

“Everyone wants their mother to want them. In one breath, I was mama’s little man, you want me in the house. In the next breath, I’m hard-headed, you want me out of the house…’You ain’t gon’ be sh*t.’ [starts crying]. Who am I mom? Who am I?”


Iyanla then asked the rapper who he believed he was, and DMX answered he feels he is a blessing to those who take the time to actually get to know him:

“I’m a blessing to whoever gets to really know me.”


Check out the new clips below:


  1. DMX had an exteremely rough childhood. What he faced out in the streets makes prison seem like a sanctuary. At least he had a roof over his head and 3 meals a day.

  2. “I enjoyed it [being in prison]. I got three meals a day…clothes.” >>> He forgot to add daily doses of thug passion with fellow inmates.

      1. Girl…get the stick out of your anus and calm down. Any man that admits he loves to be in prison will automatically set off my gaydar. You won’t hear most straight men say they prefer to be in prison with nothing but men. But you can be delusional if you want…it’s not like you’re alone. You fit in perfectly with the rest of the delusional women who somehow believe a straight man would enjoy prison. Now, let me have my opinion like I’m letting you have yours. Learn how to disagree without insulting people. You know, like a grown up. #Swerve

  3. In my life, I have never heard anyone say this $hit…..MAN 2 words….SEEK HELP…..really, deep rooted issues….

  4. I used to be the biggest DMX fan with the posters, t-shirt, Ruff Ryders chain….all the works. Seeing this man fall from grace because of the way his mother treated him is hard to watch. I’m rooting for him.

  5. Dude ! need to stop blaming his lack of discipline on his mother . What a cop-out . That, is sorry . It’s call choice, dude .You! choose to do drugs. Happy in jail ????????????? What is this world ,coming too ?

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