Katt Williams Addresses Calling Jamie Foxx Gay During Standup Performance

Photo Credit: BET/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: BET/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Katt Williams is not one to shy away from speaking his mind, and when he’s in the middle of a standup performance, it’s usually the time he feels the most comfortable to speak his mind to his audience. Last year during a string of legal troubles, Katt made headlines after he suggested that Jamie Foxx is gay and he also slammed Foxx’s recent hit film Django Unchained. Katt seemed to take sides with Spike Lee and told his fans not to support the film because he felt it was racist. Katt said:

“I know all the comedians’ and actors’ secrets. Who’s gay? Jamie Foxx. I’m going to say it because I can tell you the name of the dude he f*cked. His name is Marcus Anthony, he’s the only dude signed to Jamie Foxx’s label. Check it out. And then Twitter the dude and ask him and see if he don’t say yes.

The dude told me backstage at a show. He told me I can bring him on stage and air it out. I said no n*gga, let me wait til I get to LA.”


In a recent interview with BET (Katt is promoting his new film Scary Movie 5), when asked to clarify his comments and confirm whether or not he really thinks Jamie Foxx is gay, Katt talked in circles but kind of hinted that he does feel there’s some truth to the rumors surrounding his sexuality. However, he didn’t want that to overshadow the bigger message which was why blacks shouldn’t support the film. Katt says:

“I’m not homophobic. It would probably help answer your question if I was. The whole thing is, I don’t know why his sexual preference would matter. And if I stated it incorrectly, then I stated it incorrectly. Otherwise, I stated it correctly. The people feel like I attempt to tell the truth on the stage. I don’t make up stories for shock value. So while I can’t exactly atone for everything I saw while on stage for I am under the spirit at the time, I’m not allowed to take any of it back afterwards. So the feelings that I had about that movie were based upon my actual feelings on the movie. And so I might have said that Jamie Foxx is the cross between a rabbit and a platypus. I didn’t mean for people to think that was the case even if it is. That’s what comedy is about, it’s about you taking those words and making a statement. And I think we shouldn’t give any more shine to that horrible film, even in my interview.”


Check out the interview below:


  1. Well it’s not like it’s the first time someone said Jamie was gay. It doesn’t really matter though, as long as he is doing a damn good job of acting. And he’s doing that so I care not whether he’s gay or not.

  2. Well Katt has a perm so one could question his sexuality as well. The point is he shouldn’t have said that during his standup. He went into a whole rant about the movie and Jamie’s sexuality and didn’t tell any jokes. That’s not what people paid to see.

  3. He basically said he’s not taking back what he said and he does think it’s true. Why he’s talking in circles, who knows? But I’m just glad he’s not getting arrested every week anymore.

  4. I understood what he said… he was attempting to be politically correct threw out this whole interview so thats why it seemed awkward. I really wish he gets all his stuff together personally & then re-build & come back bigger & better because I genuinely find him to be hilarious.

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