Tyga Says He Never Got a Check from Young Money

Photo Credit: The Breakfast Club/Power 105.1
Photo Credit: The Breakfast Club/Power 105.1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Young Money and Cash Money Records are two labels that have a terrible reputation of not paying artists. In fact, it’s always been rumored that was the demise of once very popular rap group The Hot Boys. Although things ended on a sour note for The Hot Boys, rapper Lil Wayne went on to become a huge solo star and he then decided to form his own label Young Money Records. Lil Wayne added Drake and Nicki Minaj to his roster, and both are some of today’s biggest stars in the music. Weezy’s other artist Tyga is also on the come-up, but Lil Wayne’s ability to help make these three artists stars hasn’t managed to quiet the rumors suggesting his own artists aren’t getting paid properly. Interestingly enough, Tyga didn’t help shut down the rumors any with his recent interview on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. When asked how things were going on the financial end of being a Young Money artist, Tyga says he hasn’t gotten a check from Young Money Records since his signing bonus:

“I never got a check from Young Money or Cash Money. But me saying that it’s like I’ve always treated my career like independent and everything that I’ve got is because of myself, my own endorsements…me touring myself. You know what I’m saying?

“I think I got…I got a signing bonus when I first signed. But that was it.

“I mean at a certain time, you get your money. They pay for your videos and all that other stuff. But I was never really like dependent on the label like that. I felt like if I wanted to be independent, I could do that because it would be no difference. I would still tour, put out albums, and I’d still sell out shows.”


Check out the clip and the full interview below:


  1. If you are doing all the work, why not go completely independent and make more money? Big Sean said something like that recently. I don’t understand how these young people are still signing up for these shady record deals in which they have to do all the work themselves and fork over most of their earnings to a label. They will all be broke in about five years at this rate.

  2. I think everybody who wants to get a record deal should read about what happened to TLC before they sign with anyone! These people will own you for life if you’re not careful and you’ll still be broke.

  3. Smh. I’ve always wondered about how well they are paying Nicki and Drake. Nicki is out here working like she’s broke and I think it’s because she wasn’t making a lot from the label. Drake has his own artists now, so it looks like he’s smartened up too.

  4. I love Nicki but I wonder about how she’s being paid too. She’s smart though and finds ways to make money without YM, so maybe that’s what Tyga is trying to say he’s doing.

  5. LOL. I’m shocked he kept it real and said he doesn’t get paid. Most artists won’t admit that when they are still signed to the label that’s ripping them off.

  6. This is why it pays to not sign with these labels. I am not a Soulja Boy fan but he had the right idea when he did everything on his own. He kept most of his money too because of it.

  7. “I think everybody who wants to get a record deal should read about what happened to TLC before they sign with anyone! ” >>> *STANDING OVATION*

  8. It’s a dirty game in the music business. If you’re not willing to read your contract before you sign your life away, you will end up with nothing when it’s all said and done.

  9. He’s not very smart. So basically he signed his life away just for fame because he’s not making money. Sad.

  10. This is what happens when you sign to Cash Money/Young Money. If people are stupid to keep signing with them at this point, they deserve to be played.

  11. This is so pathetic. Tyga isn’t making smart choices here. He’ll regret this in a few years if he hasn’t doesn’t already.

  12. Everyone knows it’s two men in the business who will take all your money…and that’s Diddy and Baby. If anyone still signs with these fools in 2013 when their track records are public knowledge, you can’t even be mad at Diddy or Baby.

  13. the label gets the album money he makes the touring money and by him not using all the production money for videos and promo he pockets that and reinvests it in other things he owns. notice he knocked the album out in a month no promo radio single had the 2pac buzz or controversy for his marketing himself and kept majority of the money cause he wasnt touring cause he got the baby listen and understand the game on at least capitolizing on his situation the best way he could.

  14. That’s a shame. I really like Tyga. He puts on really good shows, better than his boss man. I wonder what happen to all the other Young Money artist? Wasn’t it like 10 or 15 of them?

  15. Most Artist aren’t dumb. They know what they are getting into when it’s there first run at things. Some would rather sign and get in the know to build relationships with heavy hitters and then make moves on there own. I think this is what he is really saying. Labels will give you a bonus and recoup all the money “they say” they spent on you. In the mean time, you as an Artist have to be clever to continue to be relevant to pull in the cash on your own. Signing with the label has it’s perks especially if its an established label.

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