Is Rihanna Pregnant? Singer’s Camp Speaks

Photo Credit: @badgalriri Instagram
Photo Credit: @badgalriri Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Rihanna pregnant? Rumors suggest that it’s possible Rihanna could be expecting a baby with Chris Brown considering she’s had to cancel about three shows so far during her Diamonds World Tour. Rihanna’s last cancellation disappointed her Houston fans, and reps for the singer weren’t clear on what illness she suffered from that forced her to pull out of her performance last-minute. As a result of disappointing her fans with the last-minute cancellation, some of them took to Instagram and Twitter to slam the star and label her as irresponsible. While some people feel Rihanna could just be partying a little too hard while touring and feeling the effects of late night party hopping, others are suggesting the singer is most likely pregnant. Rihanna herself has been mum on the rumors, but it appears that her camp is speaking out and attempting to shut down the reports. A source close to Rihanna tells E! News that the reports suggesting Rihanna is pregnant are simply not true:

The Barbadian songbird sparked rampant rumors that she’s pregnant after she was spotted leaving a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

Further fanning the speculation was the fact that the 25-year-old singer canceled her Houston concert earlier this week due to an unspecified illness—a move that celebuspawn conspiracy theorists took to mean that she could possibly be dialing things down in the case of a baby on the way.

Wishful thinking?

Apparently so. Multiple sources close to Rihanna confirm exclusively to E! News that the singer is not pregnant.


  1. Of course she’s not pregnant. She was just on IG drinking a couple of days ago. She missed that show because she drinks and parties too much. You can’t tour and drink and party every night without having to pull out of some of your shows.

  2. Never thought she was pregnant. It’s either drugs or too much partying that made her cancel that last show. But if she doesn’t care and her fans don’t care, I won’t either.

  3. Well whatever it is she needs to get it together. Yeah I understand it’s a World Tour and sometimes a star will get sick but so many people have thrown up on stage and got right back to their performance. Beyonce busted her kneecap open and got right back up and kept on dancing. There’s no excuse. She’s being weak. And that’s funny considering how bad a-s she wants people to think she is.

  4. Welp, she just needs to put on her big girl panties and stop playing around. People pay good to see her perform, she needs to suck it up and perform.

  5. We can’t even believe reports in regards to bombings and school shootings. I definitely don’t believe reports from people who’s goal is damage control. So what she was on IG drinking? So what she was partying? People drink and party pregnant all the time; especially if there’s no plan to keep the baby. I don’t know what the hell Rihanna is doing, and quite frankly I could give two grains of salt. However, I put nothing past her, and anything is possible. I’m just ready for her to be irrelevant already. Like, so much publicity stemming from everything EXCEPT your talent? C’mon son. I’m so over it.

  6. Maybe she is, maybe she is not..but if she continues this path, she will ruin herself…if I was her, I would get on track, cuzs she ain’t got no other talent, only if she becomes a striper, cuz she loves to take her clothes…lol

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