Consequence and Jen the Pen Leaving Love and Hip Hop? Cons Speaks

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Consequence and Jen The Pen leaving Love and Hip Hop? Season three of Love & Hip Hop has come to an end. And the latest gossip suggests that we have seen the last of Consequence and Jen The Pen on the show as it has been rumored that Consequence and Jen The Pen are leaving Love and Hip Hop as the cast members from the show are still finding themselves caught up in the rumor mill. Consequence and his girlfriend Jen The Pen were new on the LHH scene this past season and they both got a taste of the things couples tend to face when they become apart of the reality TV world. Jen found herself at odds with Raqi Thunda over some comments that she made to Raqi during an argument that they had with each other that Raqi took offense to and felt screamed racism, Raqi at one point making her feelings known about women who get into relationships with rappers. While Jen had her share of drama on the show, Consequence had some of his own going with Joe Budden as things turned physical between the two rappers backstage at the reunion show when Cons caught Joe in the back of the head, the confrontation escalating once Joe Budden’s friends got involved.

Consequence’s fight with Joe Budden was the hot topic surrounding Cons for a minute but now people have been wondering about the fate of Cons and Jen for next season. Whispers have recently suggested that Consequence and Jen The Pen were leaving Love and Hip Hop and will not be making a return for season 4. Wanting to get their answer directly from the source, one of Consequence’s followers tweeted him, asking him about all the chatter that has been going on about him and Jen supposedly leaving the show. And Cons responded by saying that as “hot” as he and Jen are, people are bound to make up lies about them:

consequence and jen the pen leaving love and hip hop


  1. They may not have gotten the boot yet but they will eventually. I can’t see Mona bringing them back next season.

  2. thank God, they were boring as hell. The best part of them on the show is when they were interviewing for nannies and one of the girls called Consquence out but it was shrugged off. Otherwise they are one boring couple.

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