ASAP Rocky Speaks on Rumors of Sleeping with Rihanna

Photo Credit: @asvpxrocky Instagram
Photo Credit: @asvpxrocky Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

ASAP Rocky has been making headlines quite a bit lately for some of the interesting things he’s been saying in his interviews. When he’s not causing controversy in his interviews, he’s also addressing rumors concerning his personal life. The rapper is currently on tour with Rihanna on her Diamonds tour, and rumors have been spreading everywhere claiming that the two artists have been sleeping around with one another despite being in serious relationships with other celebs (Rihanna is dating Chris Brown and ASAP Rocky is dating supermodel Chanel Iman). However, gossip site MediaTakeOut claimed things were really popping off between ASAP and Rihanna, and even Chris Brown admitted in an interview with The Breakfast Club that he does worry that something could go down with both stars.

In a recent interview with MTV News, ASAP addresses the rumors and the rapper claims there’s absolutely no truth to the reports and he wants the gossip to end because he doesn’t want any problems with his girlfriend Chanel Iman. ASAP Rocky says:

“Yeah I expected people to say that me and Rihanna were sleeping around. We’re just cool. Man dudes be tryin’ to front like they tappin’ Rihanna’s [anatomy] and all that, but they don’t be hittin’ it. I aint hittin’ it either. I’m just cool with her. I don’t even look at her like that. She’s sexy, but I’m good. That’s really a friend. She supports me, man. She’s bringing me out, she ain’t have to do that. That girl came to my Coachella a year ago. I got nothing but love for Rih Rih, that’s the homey right there. I don’t want people to ever get it twisted like I’m hittin’ that. I’m not trying to get cool points off of that. I got a girl so I don’t be on it like that. I be chillin’ type sh*t. So, I ain’t tryin’ to get in no trouble with no Rihanna rumors because I’m not f*ckin’ Rihanna. That’s somebody’s elses.”


Check out the clip below:


  1. Why would he want Rihanna when he has Chanel’s pretty, just as rich, and classy self? Rih’s pretty and all, very successful, but she looks real trashy on Instagram. I think most men over the age of 23 aren’t checking for her on a serious level. That’s why I think she’s so back and forth with Chris.

  2. I never believed the rumor. Not a Rihanna fan but I don’t think she sleeps with EVERYBODY like the media says.

  3. I guess. He knows he has to clear things up out of respect for his relationship. That’s understandable.

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