Sheree Whitfield Has Beef with Iyanla Vanzant over ‘Fix My Life’ Appearance

Photo Credit: OWN
Photo Credit: OWN

By: Taren Vaughan

Sheree Whitfield have a bone to pick with Iyanla Vanzant? Life Coach Iyanla Vanzant has made it her mission to help people work through their personal struggles, both past and present, and get their lives back on the right track. But apparently some of the most recent celebrities that Iyanla has tried to help out haven’t been too happy with how things turned out for them after appearing on her show. It was apparent from a snippet of DMX’s appearance on Iyanla’s show that things got ugly between the life coach and the rapper. And though Iyanla thought she was helping DMX work through his struggles and attempted to help him better his relationship with his family, DMX claims that Iyanla Vanzant did nothing but further ruin his image and he is so pissed at her that he is thinking about suing OWN over the episode. Well DMX isn’t the only one who isn’t happy with Iyanla as Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield has some issues with Iyanla too over her and her ex-husband’s appearance on the show. Sheree and her ex-husband Bob Whitfield agreed to appear on Iyanla: Fix My Life so that they could get the chance to talk through the issues that they had with each other during and after their marriage ended. During one part of the show, Bob accused Sheree of dragging their divorce out just so she could have a storyline for Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Bob said:

“Your whole plot was to point a finger at me, as to catapult yourself into some glory. To take advantage of the stereotypes of the male athlete having kids everywhere, to the bad husband that abandons his family, doesn’t take care of them, to the distraught woman that can’t meet her bills. Basically, you took a reality show television show to become your reality so that even when we were going through divorce, that was supposed to be done and finished, you needed something more just for your television cameras.”

Sheree watched the show herself along everyone else this past Saturday night and she seems to have a problem with how DMX was portrayed the week before during his appearance versus how her ex-husband Bob was portrayed during their time on the show when it comes to parenting:

sheree whitfield iyanla fix my life

Check out a clip from Sheree and Bob Whitfield’s appearance on Iyanla: Fix My Life below:


  1. LOL! Sheree is a mess. She can’t be mad at anyone but herself. She went on Iyanla’s show for a check.

    1. Agreed. She wasn’t really looking for help. And didn’t she just recently say she was on good terms with Bob way before doing Iyanla’s show? Whatever.

  2. Oh Sheree please. No one made you sign up for this show. And that’s my beef with everyone who is mad about how they “looked” on the show. Did they really think they’d look great on a show that deals with talking about and fixing your issues?! I mean seriously.

  3. Sheree never seems to want to take responsibility for her own actions… Iyanla made it a point to be neutral on that show and Sheree cant face the truth. Its so sad… 🙁

  4. Sheree married Bob for money,let’s face it. Women like her are too damn sorry to make a living themselves. She stated herself that she doesn’t have much education pass a high school diploma. She got on housewives for a check! she got on Fix My Life for a check! What’s next? I don’t think PLAYBOY wants her big a-s! I hope some of these ladies on these reality shows are saving their money. This type of entertainemnt is fleeting!

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