‘American Idol’ Execs Move Forward to Replace Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey?

Photo Credit: FOX
Photo Credit: FOX

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

With ratings tanking and multiple fans losing interest in the show, the rumors surrounding the future of American Idol are running rampant. Nicki Minaj was clearly selected to cause a little controversy and excite people about watching the show, but in the end that plan would backfire, and her beef with Mariah Carey hasn’t helped ratings any. Regardless, in Nicki’s opinion, she’s the most interesting judge on the panel, and it’s even rumored that she feels she’s the one that makes people want to tune in every week. Regardless, it’s been rumored that Nicki won’t be invited back next season, even though Idol producers claim that’s not true and they have nothing but love for the female rap star. Interestingly enough, a new report suggests that not only is Nicki’s fate on the show in jeopardy, but surprisingly, so is Mariah Carey’s. The Hollywood Reporter reports:

With ratings in a steep slide, American Idol producers and Fox executives in recent weeks hatched a dramatic plan to jumpstart the show: replace judge Mariah Carey with Jennifer Lopez, according to knowledgeable sources.

These sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Carey, who was touted as the big new addition to the judge’s panel this year, responded with a threat of litigation. With that, the plan was dropped, though Idol’s producers still are negotiating with Lopez, who served as a popular judge during the past two seasons, to appear on the show’s finale in May. And insiders say a search already has begun to replace Carey, most likely Nicki Minaj and possibly the entire judge’s panel for next season.


The American Idol producers have already denied this report, but with the ratings tanking more and more each week (not to mention Usher’s appearance on The Voice has made it the new favorite), it would just make sense that the next move for American Idol would have to be new faces on the panel. Only time will tell though.


  1. Meh, the producers are really trying to put the blame on the people THEY decided to bring on the show. Hilarity.

  2. I’ve never watched a full season of American Idol. I’ve only watched auditions. But, it has been on for a long time and it may just be time to let it go.

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