Beyonce Shuts Down Critics & Performs New Music on Tour

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

This year has continued to be a very good one for Beyonce Knowles-Carter. However things didn’t start off that way for the superstar singer as she found herself caught up in a bit of a scandal surrounding her National Anthem performance as it quickly became one of the most talked about moments during President Obama’s second inauguration, some people feeling that all the lip sync backlash that Beyonce received was  rather silly and over the top. To put the negative chatter to rest, Beyonce bellowed out a flawless a cappella version of the Star Spangled Banner during a press conference for the Super Bowl, shutting down her critics. And she followed that up with a Super Bowl halftime performance that many people, including First Lady Michelle Obama,  praised Beyonce over. The lip sync controversy eventually simmered down yet Beyonce was hit again with another round of it when she dropped some new music for with the teaser track ‘Bow Down/I Been On’, ‘Bow Down’ many feeling was directed straight towards her haters that she so adores. Beyonce caught much heat from some of her fans and other artists in the game who weren’t feeling the song and it had people wondering if Bey was going to hit fans with the new or stick to her old material when it came to her world tour.

The much awaited “The Mrs. Carter Show” world tour started last week as crazed fans, affectionately known to the singer as the BeyHive, rushed to ticket offices across the world to make sure they got their chance to see Mrs. Carter live in action. Rumors have been suggesting that Beyonce was scrapping her new music when it came to what she was going to perform at her shows after what went down with the ‘Bow Down’ track. Apparently that was all just talk as Beyonce performed her new song ‘Grown Woman’ for a screaming crowd in Paris, ‘Grown Woman’ being the song that was featured in her latest Pepsi commercial where Bey revisits all the looks that she has had throughout her career. And it’s safe to say she shut her critics all the way down.

Peep Beyonce’s first live performance of ‘Grown Woman’ in Paris:



  1. This just got me hype for her new album! It’s been too long Bey! She looked great too. She just makes it looks so damn easy!

  2. I don’t know why she’s taking her precious time to drop some new music! It’s frustrating because this right here is really hot. Come on Bey.

  3. I love this song. It’s just nice to hear a song for grown women! Not bad b*tches, but grown women! It’s about time.

  4. Yeah Bey!!! Can definitely see and hear Calypso and Soca influences in the music and the dancing. Thank you for the shout out to the Caribbean and African drum/bass. Love this song!!!

  5. Love, love,love, just love it…I love the african and caribbean influences…I lovethe fact that Beyonce, like a true artist, doens’t go with the flow like Rihanna, but instead she brings new and old sounds that combine so good together……

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