Nick Cannon Says Mariah Isn’t Fazed About Getting Fired from ‘Idol’

Photo Credit: @nickcannongram Instagram
Photo Credit: @nickcannongram Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As American Idol continues to tank in ratings, rumors are spreading daily about which judge will get the boot and not get an invitation to come back next season. Many suspect that female rapper Nicki Minaj won’t be back for another season, and that speculation comes from the fact that not only are longtime fans having a hard time connecting to her, but she’s rumored to be a bit of a diva backstage as well. Although producers of the show say they don’t have any immediate plans to fire any of the current judges, sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Fox execs are making moves to fire not only Nicki Minaj but also her nemesis Mariah Carey. According to the report, the producers were hoping they could replace Mariah by bringing back former judge Jennifer Lopez.

While doing a bit of press the other day for America’s Got Talent, Mariah’s hubby Nick Cannon addressed the rumors of his wife possibly getting the boot from American Idol, and he said Mariah isn’t sweating the possibility of losing her job one bit. He tells Access Hollywood:

“Whatever happens with that show, I think she’s had a great time. But she’s a global superstar. I don’t think she’s ever in need of a job. She made a decision to do that show because she really wanted to connect with the contestants. I don’t think she’s thinking about the future of it.”


Meanwhile, the producers of American Idol continue to deny that there’s any truth to the rumors.


    1. I don’t know if I can agree with that. I think she’s a bigger diva than Nicki regardless of what her receipts are of how successful she was in the past.

  1. It’s just time to cancel the show. No judge can save it. It’s had a long run but there’s better shows out now that are similar and more entertaining.

  2. Just cancel the show. I don’t want to see J-Lo back on there either. The show cannot compare to The Voice.

  3. What the hell man?! I am beginning to get so annoyed with these two. Is Nick her spokesperson or something?! Rarely does she ever speak out on her own behalf about whatever is going on. Be the head of the household (as a husband) and all that good stuff but by golly! Let her use her mouth sometimes! iDigress tho…..

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