‘R&B Divas’ Drama: Nicci Gibert & Syleena Johnson’s Beef Gets Explosive

Photo Credit: TV One
Photo Credit: TV One

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B Divas got the greenlight from TV One to return for a second season, and although the ladies managed to get along the majority for the first season to record an album together, it appears season two won’t be so successful. This time around the divas are eyeing going on a tour together, but they can’t seem to get along well enough to make their plans a reality. While there are two new divas now added to the mix (LaTocha Scott and Angie Stone), Syleena Johnson and Nicci Gilbert’s mini feud has become an explosive one and now these two can’t even seem to be in the same room without almost coming to blows. And it’s because of their beef that many speculated Nicci would get the boot from the show, and although Nicci has squashed the rumors several times, her future on the show for next season seems questionable. There’s even rumors suggesting she may not even make it through the second season which some say explains why two new divas were added to the show.

Regardless, the network has released a new trailer for season two, and in the clip Nicci and Syleena get into a heated argument that results in Syleena kicking Nicci out of her home. What was the argument about you ask? Whether or not Syleena mushed fellow R&B diva Monifah in the club. The confrontation went down as all of the ladies came together to discuss if they could get along long enough to go on tour together. Oh the irony.

Check out the clip below:


Season two of R&B Divas premieres Wednesday, May 1.


  1. Oh Lawd! I hope they don’t fight this season! One of the things I’ve always loved about them and RHOA is that they don’t fight!

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