‘R&B Divas’ Star Syleena Johnson Compares Blue Ivy to ODB

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Blue Ivy’s hair continues to cause ruckus amongst grown people and it’s clear that won’t be changing anytime soon. However, one would think other recording artists wouldn’t fall for the bait during an interview and actually insult a child just because the opportunity is there.

But that’s exactly what “R&B Divas Atlanta” star Syleena Johnson did. During a recent interview at Atlanta radio station V-103, when she, Tamar Braxton and KeKe Wyatt were asked how they felt about the tot’s hair, Syleena actually compared the child’s looks to deceased Wu Tang Clan rapper ODB. She tells Ryan Cameron:

“She’s giving me ODB.”

Tamar Braxton actually came to Blue’s defense, and said her hair really isn’t that bad even though she does think a good product can make styling her hair easier for Beyonce:

“It just needs some product. That’s it. No shade. I have a nephew who has really, really curly hair like this. It ain’t that bad.”

As for KeKe Wyatt, she actually said Beyonce should put “grease” in Blue Ivy’s hair so she won’t have “beady beads.”

Check out the video below:


  1. Wow…I didn’t know it was that deep. As a parent I don’t judge what other people do with their kids. I have boys so I don’t even have a say on what goes on with a girls head. Some things are better left unsaid…

  2. I’m not even a stan (y’all know that) but this sh-t was foul. Kids should always be off limits. Now I can understand why Syleena never made it. Hell Blue ain’t even five yet and she’s already richer and more relevant than Syleena’s grown a-s.

    1. Exactly! That was rude. And if you have something to say, though I agree children are off limits, don’t do it in a public forum.

  3. Well I guess I won’t be watching R&B Divas anymore because I will no longer support anything Syleena does.

  4. When a woman is so extremely successful at life, motherf-ckers gets desperate just to find any way to bring them down a notch. So they go after the child. But I will say this. There is nothing, absolutely nothing Syleena can ever do to have anything close to the career Beyonce has had and that is why she’s really mad. Keep laughing at Blue. She’s more successful as a toddler than Syleena is a 40 something year old woman. Now laugh at that!

  5. I would say karma will take care of all these people but maybe it already has since their careers are lackluster.

  6. KeKe is just still mad Beyonce replaced her in Destiny’s Child. Yeah look it up. Anyway, I’m so tired of people’s obsession over this little girl’s hair. It’s getting real old.

  7. These grown a-s women talking about a child’s hair smh. And people wonder why Bey and Jay barely show Blue Ivy this is the exact reason why.

  8. All of them have children. So I wonder how they would feel if someone sat on a radio show and talked about their kids they way they talked about Blue? I bet Tamar would have gotten on Twitter and threw a fit for hours. Ugh.

  9. Syleena you big greasy b-tch! You were on one of Kanye’s hottest songs and you still failed at life! And you look like you can inhale 100 packs of hotdogs with your hungry a-s! Stay mad b-tch!


  10. Now this is sad. I’m telling you if Blue had a curlier texture, no one would be saying a thing. People feel like black hair isn’t good unless it has weave in it, a relaxer or some manipulated natural hair style like twist outs. It’s sad our own people hate black hair so much.

  11. Black people care about hair more than we do planning for our futures. A damn shame.

  12. This kind of stuff makes me sick. Why the hell do people care so much about Blue Ivy’s hair? She already has better edges than Tamar Braxton.

  13. No words. All three of these women displayed their ignorance. If they had any respect for Beyonce, they would have declined to answer the question. Blue is her child! They wanted to be spiteful and they couldn’t wait to answer. Pathetic.

  14. They shouldn’t have even answered the question. They are moms. They know how sensitive they are about their own kids but couldn’t wait to speak ill of Beyonce’s child. And that is how I know every single one of them are jealous.

  15. I want them to keep talking trash about Blue’s hair. All they are doing is putting their own bad karma out there. They will never have the kind of careers they want being so tacky and disrespectful about someone else’s child.

  16. They fell right into the trap because they are too stupid to see this is what the radio station wanted.

  17. I’m not fond of Blue’s hair most of the time but I think it takes a very disgusting person to be comfortable making fun of a child. I just lost a lot of respect for ALL of these women.

  18. The Hive is going to do Syleena’s mentions like they do Keri’s. They will never let this go. LOL!

  19. ODB though? Yeah she deserves to get dragged. You don’t come for nobody’s kids like that.

  20. Damn Syleena! I was actually trying to go see your rachet a-s at Yoshi’s Friday night. Welp, guess that’s not gonna happen anymore!

  21. They are doing a fine job with Blue’s hair. They will see it when she about five. my daughter has very sensitive hair. It took her edges falling completely out to the point of me thinking she had alopecia . That made me realize that she is baby and her hair doesn’t need much matainence . I spent countless of money on hair products (Doris of New York keeps both of our hair healthy feel free to try) and what work the best is to just let it flow. I wish I can show you guys a before and after.

    Anyways Seleena who? Tamar who? keke who? Are y’all in a group together or something ? Lol Ain’t nobody checking for y’all wack behinds.

  22. This totally reminds me of when Gabby was on her way to making history at the Olympics, and instead of focusing on the barriers that girl was crushing, all some stupid-a-s black folks could focus on was her hair. SMH!!! I’m really disappointed in Syleena and Keke, cuz I thought they stood for more than this – I guess not. Tamar, I have no words for.

  23. SMH so let me guess they’re all perfect mothers correct? Let’s see them pull out all that weave and see if they don’t look 10X worse… bye Felicia.

  24. BIC: “ Momma, who these people?“
    Bey: ” IDK, baby…..last time I checked you are more beautiful & natural than they will ever be….oh yeah & way richer than they’ll ever be in this lifetime, next lifetime, any lifetime! They just need to say your name to stay relevant, baby…that’s how has beens & never beens roll!”

  25. I’m so proud of all of you. Every last comment is 100% on point. Can’t add anything, but a hug and daps to each of you ladies!

  26. I for one am all about natural hair, I love seeing the neat and well combed and well taken care of nature hair styles. But Blue Ivy hair is not it, I don’t feel like anyone was coming for Beyoncé, jay z, or anyone else. The baby hair I nappy and if it was anybody else this would not be a huge thing. He’ll f-ck the bey hive hell all they do is start stuff on social media in honor of a woman how if getting rich off your dumb a-s. People can say anything they want about any other celebrity child but when it is Beyoncé and jay z baby it is against the law foh. It’s not blue ivy fault that no one combing her hair but it is her parents fault all that money off the bey hive and y’all can’t invest in your child’s hair.
    I also didn’t see anything wrong with what Syleena Johnson said the baby hair do look like odb’s hair y’all acting like she said that blue ivy look like odb. People are so defensive over Beyoncé I wonder would she return the favor y’all were not paying for her rich lifestyle. Syleena Johnson and KeKe and sing Beyoncé out the door but it’s more about looks in the industry and sex sells.

    1. SHUT UP YOU IDIOT! Do you have a child? If so, let me know so I can roast them on here. I’d love to see how you’d feel then you POS.

    2. 1. “I love seeing the neat and well combed and well taken care of nature hair styles. But Blue Ivy hair is not it, I don’t feel like anyone was coming for Beyoncé, jay z, or anyone else. The baby hair I nappy…” – This tells me all I need to know about you. I agree with King Bey, you’re an idiot and I’m sure if Blue had a curlier texture, you’d have no problems with her hair not being in a style. But because she has kinky hair, it needs to be in a style, right? You are not all about natural hair. You’re another black person who suffers from the slave mentality who hates black hair and tries to mask it by pretending to “love” natural hair when the truth is you only like it when it doesn’t look kinky. I can see through your bullsh-t.

      2. You’re a Tamar stan. The majority of your anger regarding Bey stems from the fact that Tamar will never be on Beyonce’s level of success, so you hate her for that. But remember, Tamar is a mother too. If you got in your feelings over a Tamar post on here not too long ago when someone said Tamar was trying to imitate Bey, I think it’s safe to say you would be in your feelings too if some other artist went in on Logan. I’ve seen you pressed on here and arguing back and forth for Tamar over the pettiest sh-t. It’s pathetic how other stans try to call out another group of stans like they don’t do the same bullsh-t. All stans are the same. GTFOH.

      3. And did you really think it wasn’t obvious that you’re also “Britney” on here? Are you that pressed about Beyonce that you have to have like 5 names on here just to bash her and try to make it appear like you’re not the only idiot on here with those disgusting views on a child’s hair? Girl…like your fave says, “Get your life.”

    3. King Bey freedom of speech give me the right to say what ever the hell I want to say. The baby hair needs to be combed. I don’t have any kids but you better believe if I did my child hair would be comb just like mines especially if I am a huge celebrity.

      1. Girl stop lying, you ain’t got no hair. No money in the bank, and no life. And your mama ain’t sh-t either for raising you – any grown woman who thinks it’s ok to make fun of a baby. You better not have any kids either because they won’t be sh-t just like their mama.

        1. King Bey I have more money in the bank than you more hair than you and your mama put together. And have more balls than your dumb a-s. Your making a big deal because it is Beyoncé and if it was someone else’s child you a-s would not have a damn thing to say so you stfu. People kill me trying to defend people who they don’t know and who would not go out of their way to defend them back. That baby needs her hair combed it will not make her hair worst than what it is but it will make her hair look better.

          1. “King Bey I have more money in the bank than you more hair than you and your mama put together. And have more balls than your dumb a-s.”

            Food stamps don’t count you transgendered heathen.

      2. Girl shut up with your fake outrage. You don’t give a damn about Blue Ivy’s well being, you just want an opportunity to bash Beyonce because you stan for an artist who wants to Beyonce so damn bad she’s getting called out for it on Twitter. And Blue’s hair does get combed you idiot. There’s recent pictures of her rocking braids, twists and she was spotted wearing her hair in a high bun. And just because her hair isn’t always in a style doesn’t mean it’s not being combed dummy. I see wearing wigs and weaves like your fave all the time has you really ignorant about kinky hair. Get a life.

    4. Whitney: No disrespect, but you can’t really be all about natural hair when you don’t even seem to grasp the simple fact that just because Blue’s hair isn’t in a style doesn’t mean it hasn’t been combed. And naturals do not comb their hair every day because over-combing can break off the hair. It’s also dangerous to over style natural hair because it can cause breakage. You sound very misinformed about natural hair.

  27. It is so funny how all Beyoncé and Jay Z fans are so quick to defend her lol, let’s all be real if we saw a random woman with her hair looking nice like Beyoncé with her daughter hair like baby Blue Ivy’s we would be making all kind of faces and making negative comments. There’s nothing wrong with natural hair, hell my hair is natural but I wash, comb, grease, and style my hair so it won’t look a mess. The R&B Divas are not disrespecting Beyoncé or Jay Z, they are just giving their opinion about the baby hair. We all have an opinion but it seems any time somebody says something critical about Beyoncé, people always try to defend her but if a regular person do the same thing those same defenders are the ones being negative. None of the R&B Divas said anything wrong just like they have an opinion, Beyoncé has one too. Let’s see if she defend you all like you all defend her.

    1. And you’re an idiot too. The only reason you’re ok with a child being mocked, taunted, and teased for her BLACK hair is because it’s Beyonce’s child. If she wasn’t Bey’s kid, you’d say kids are off limits. Now do you have a child? If so, send me a picture of him/her so I can drag them on Twitter! Let’s see how you handle it!

      1. King Bey you the idiot no one has ever said anything about black hair hell I’m black just because you have kinky hair does not mean you don’t comb or grease it the baby hair is never done. I am a fan of Beyoncé and no one has said that the child should be mocked because she is bey’s child even if she wasn’t beyonce’s child she would need her damn hair comb you are no even read the comment before you comment because you are looking for a damn argument.

        1. Girl shut the hell up. You are not a fan of Beyonce and don’t make me search for and pull up your old comments of you bashing her on here. And Blue’s hair has been done numerous times, that’s how I know you’re a lying piece of sh-t because any real fan of Beyonce would know that. Worry about your own hair you POS.

    2. Hey, Whitney! I see you’re back to your same tricks again…using multiple names on here on a Beyonce post. It’s good to know Beyonce keeps you that pressed. I won’t repeat what I said above here. Just know it also applies to this comment as well.

      1. Anonymous no one has to us no damn multiple names I stand on my own two feet and don’t need a band wagon. The only trick that are being used is You. The only hint that needs to combed and pressed is beyonce’s baby hair you are too scared to say it

        1. LOL. You really think your IP Address and email address can’t be located? You’re so pathetic. Like I said. You are the same person and use multiple names on here. That’s how weak you are Britney/Whitney.

  28. Well, I heard the Ryan Report the morning it aired and I feel Syleena and KeKe were the two who were being totally disrespectful about this child. Those ODB and Terence Trent D’arby comments were totally unnecessary and just down right mean. Blue is a beautiful child and her hair is beautiful in it’s natural state. However, I agree somewhat with Tamar, maybe Blue’s hair needs more moisture. It’s summer and my 2-year-old’s hair is also natural and her hair soaks up moisture very rapidly. Some people’s hair whether natural or not just needs more moisture than others, and perhaps that’s what Tamar was trying to say when she said it just needs some product, but Syleena and KeKe went to far as did the person who I read somewhere that went so far as to start a damn petition with change.org. People really need to think before they speak sometimes because not everything needs to be said.

  29. I’m happy to see her hair free & not pulled into ponytails….. since some of y’all bashing her hair…… why don’t you go find little girls and grown women, who have to hide their sides or fake their edges due to too much hair pulling & now their hair won’t grow in those spots, and ask them how they feel about being bald…….& no weave doesn’t kill everybody’s hair….. some people have been bald since childhood!

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