Beyonce Talks Being Protective of Solange & Says Marriage with Jay-Z Isn’t Glamorous

Photo Credit: @beyonce Instagram
Photo Credit: @beyonce Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce is without a doubt one of today’s biggest artists in today’s music business but she’s still considered one of the most private stars Hollywood has ever seen. Despite opening up for the camera for her Life is But a Dream documentary, the singer still has many curious about her family life and her relationship with rapper hubby Jay-Z. In a recent interview with more! Magazine, Beyonce opens up about becoming a “lunatic” if anyone comes for Solange and why she feels her relationship with Jay-Z isn’t as glamorous as some may think it is.

On being protective of Solange, she says:

“I’m a crazy person if anyone says anything about my sister. I don’t even know what happens to me. I completely turn into a lunatic… I was taught the importance of being a sister and my sister looking up to me.”


She also talks more about how close she is to Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams:

“They were my family… We needed each other so much. And we were super tight. We could walk into a room and not give each other the key and sing in perfect harmony… it gives me chills… that unity, that sisterhood, it is how I grew up. We slept as little nine-year-olds in the same room.”


And when it comes to her marriage to Jay-Z, she says they have a natural chemistry but she wouldn’t call their romance glamorous:

“We have such a natural chemistry and a genuine relationship and it’s based on the things that relationships are supposed to be based on. People just think, ‘Oh how glamorous, two celebrities are together.’ No, first of all, a relationship takes a lot of work, but you have to work on yourself… you have to make yourself happy.”


  1. “No, first of all, a relationship takes a lot of work, but you have to work on yourself… you have to make yourself happy.” >>>>>> THIS!

  2. Bey sounds like the typical big sis. But to be honest, Solange can take care of herself. She drags people on Twitter daily with ease. And I love her for it. LOL.

  3. I love her relationship with Jay. They seem like they balance each other out. That’s very important.

  4. Bey also forgot to add that they keep their marriage business in house! That is so important. You have to keep folks out your business!

    1. This is so true! I learned my lesson in my last relationship. Never again will I involve my so called friends. Smdh.

  5. Why can I picture Beyonce getting all hood on someone back in the day for picking on Solange? LOL!

  6. I’ve always thought the way that Bey is so fiercely protective over her lil’ sis is soooo adorable! Lol..dats how it’s sposed to be! Solonge is VERY capable of “slaying” folks who get outa pocket..all day! She must get that from her mama cuz Ms Tina DONT can look at that woman & tell that you would NOT wanna get on her bad side! Imagine how Bey will be about Blue..ooohhh weee..she gon be drawing blood! Lol

  7. and this is why I love this woman… the only way to make something work is to keep people out of your business and that’s what she does. And of course she’s protective of her younger sibling I mean who wouldn’t… and I love me some Sol-Angel…. these women are awesome! #beyhive

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