Uh-Oh: Nicki Minaj Has War of Words With a Reporter

Photo Credit: @nickiminaj Twitter
Photo Credit: @nickiminaj Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper and American Idol judge Nicki Minaj has had a rather interesting time on FOX’s singing competition show, but most of her time on the show has been spent going back and forth with fellow judge Mariah Carey. The two stars have been beefing ever since the beginning of the season, and things got even more explosive between them the other day when Mariah threw the ultimate shade to Nicki on live television about her lack of number one hits on the Billboard 100. The shade led Nicki to take to her Twitter account to slam Mariah and call her insecure and bitter, but it now appears she’s made more enemies thanks to her time on Idol. The other day a reporter from Access Hollywood ripped her to shreds in an article because Nicki reportedly nastily refused to answer her question about the recent Twitter shots she took at Mariah. The reporter, Laura Saltman, writes:

Nicki and Mariah’s not-so-charming banter has included Nicki calling Mariah “sir” two weeks ago after a spat and Wednesday night referring to her as “Honey Boo Boo” as a final slam. For the record, Mariah never heard Nicki’s “sir” comment until after the show aired. When asked about it backstage, she wanted to respond but her publicist smartly told her not too. You see, Mariah is a professional who understands her reputation is everything. She has class. Nicki is another story.

In my 20 years in entertainment news, I have interviewed close to 5,000 celebrities — people who have bigger bragging rights than Nicki. Men and women who have Oscars , Grammys and Emmys. Yet, by far, she is the most ungracious of anyone I have met.

Each week, she comes backstage for interviews and we are told “two questions only” while her people hover over you and even, at times, have their hand on your arm as you end your interview to make you stop. Waiver from the two-question rule and Nicki herself will walk away. She makes zero eye contact and has no connection to whomever is interviewing her. If she likes your question, she may give you a proper answer. If she doesn’t, she may give you a dirty look and walk off. After she posted mean comments about Mariah on Twitter yesterday calling her “bitter” and “insecure,” I wanted to give her the opportunity to redeem herself or perhaps apologize. I phrased my question that her comments had caused quite a stir online and asked if she had anything to say about it. She looked at me and told me my question made no sense and when I tried to explain it further she just said “goodnight” and walked off in a huff.


Nicki Minaj was not amused and took to her Twitter account to drag the reporter. She tweets (read from the bottom up):

nicki minj twitter 3
nicki minaj twitter 2
nicki minaj twitter

Within minutes, the reporter’s mentions were filled with death threats from Nicki’s fans.


  1. Nicki needs to chill. She’s getting too big for her britches. The next time a reporter comes for her, she needs to let her publicist handle it. That’s what they are for.

    1. Agreed. She looks like a hot ghetto mess. And she’s acting like the stereotypical angry black woman! That’s exactly how they want her to act! She’s not very smart.

  2. As a black female rapper, she needs to learn how to play the game. The media expects and wants her to act like this so they can point at her and say, “See!” She’s not being smart.

  3. She said she doesn’t need any endorsements? LOL! Young Money isn’t paying her so she better stop burning all these bridges!

  4. This girl right here is a MESS. She’s not capable of being a big star because she folds too much under pressure.

  5. What?! Nicki girl get it together. Is this what you are going to do every time someone says something you don’t like? Grow up!

  6. Nicki’s image consultant, publicist, and manager needs to have a intervention with her and explain to her how much damage she is doing to her brand and reputation . I swear some if these stars act like kids instead of adults. SMH

  7. I usually lurk…but I just had to comment on this. I’m really rooting for Nicki. I understand being famous is not easy and people can get under your skin, but this is ridiculous. People say way worst things about Beyonce and the most she’s ever said was that Bow Down song. And how many years did it take for her to do that? Exactly. Nicki is successful and should let her success speak for itself. She’s making herself look stupid and on top of that, she acted unprofessional, the one thing the reporter was calling her in the article.

  8. So stupid. And I went to her Twitter and saw that she actually thought it was hilarious that her fans were threatening to kill this woman. Nicki is a piece of ghetto trash and lacks any class.

  9. I hate to say it, but she will probably just fade out in a couple years. Just ride it out. Nicki Minaj is already killing her own career, we don’t even have to help. She will be doing shows at Indian Casinos on the regular after her last bridge is burnt. Then I get to “Trolololo-lo and say ‘told you so.'” (add computer effects and it may even be construed as a line in one of her songs.) I said it first!

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