NeNe Leakes Only Wants Porsha Stewart Back for RHOA if Divorce Goes Through

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes made it clear during the reunion for season five of Real Housewives of Atlanta that she believed one of the current housewives needed to be replaced. Although she didn’t reveal a name on the reunion show, she did confirm in a short promotional clip to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that she was referring to Porsha Stewart. According to NeNe, she believed Porsha and Kordell weren’t being “real enough” on the series, and she also believed the many restrictions Kordell gave Porsha made it hard for her to fit in with the other housewives. The full episode aired last night and fans of RHOA were able to hear if NeNe’s opinion on the subject has changed any since Kordell has filed for divorce from Porsha. So has her mind changed?

NeNe confirmed on last night’s special episode of Watch What Happens Live that she now wants Porsha to come back for another season of RHOA, but only of she actually goes through with her divorce from Kordell. NeNe says she feels Porsha has a very big personality and is more entertaining with Kordell out of the picture, and now that she spends a lot of time with the new housewife, she realizes now how much Kordell held her back on the show. She says:

“If Porsha came back a second season with Kordell, he would keep her from saying things. He’d already stopped her from saying and doing stuff, you know what I mean. This show is about your life and what’s going on your life. I thought that Porsha wouldn’t be right to come back with Kordell.

“My opinion has changed now that Kordell has filed for divorce – she should come right on back! He didn’t want her to be ‘Porsha’. Now she can be herself. Porsha has a big personality and a lot of life in her.”


  1. Wait a minute who the hell is NeNe to dictate who should come back with and with certain stipulations. I’m confused who the hell made NeNe in charge of personnel of RHOA. These people on RHOA are fools for giving NeNe this much power. SMH

  2. Well this is kind of messed up. But hey, Porsha seems to be ok with this considering she is still hanging out with NeNe. #couldntbeme

    1. I know…couldn’t be me either. All of these ladies need to get a backbone and tell NeNe to have several seats.

  3. So then we know Porsha will be going through with the divorce. She wants to keep the little fame she has. So sad.

  4. Someone really needs to put NeNe in her place. What is her problem? I am seriously getting really tired of her dictating who can come and go on the show. She’s not even interesting her damn self anymore.

  5. I really hate that NeNe is the one that seems to be calling all the shots with casting. It’s pretty absurd.

  6. Well NeNe does think RHOA is her show. That’s why it’s kind of boring now. Everyone is kissing NeNe’s a-s and it’s just not as entertaining anymore!

  7. It is sad the way NeNe has changed I almost turned the channel after Andy showed her old tapes of herself and she said all of that ” I can’t” mess…gag me with a paper fork. As far as Porsha is concerned Andy should let her come back regardless of if she is still married to Kordell or not. The most phoniest person ever Kenhoe should be kicked off of the show not Porsha. NeNe it is clear that you have changed there is nothing wrong with growth but if you were like you were talking to Andy on that one on one interview nobody would have liked you because your attitude was so ugly, phony, and snobbish. What happened to the fun NeNe that we all grew to love? The new NeNe sucks and have lost everything that we all loved about you. I am going to say this uppity like you said it after looking at the old fun NeNe…I CAN’T STOMACH THE NEW NENE I CAN’T!!!!!

  8. If Porsha’s want Kordell dictating her life, so be it…..Nene & everyone else should mine their business….So now it’s NENE & THE HOUSEWIVES OF ATL…..rhoa has taken a turn for the worst…..

  9. Hold up?!? So, Mrs. Leakes says that Porsha can ONLY return if she divorces Kordell?!? Who is giving orders now? I think that is the craziest MESS I have ever heard. This was my first season watching RHOA because of Porsha and Kordell, I hate they are having problems and I do wish them well, it would be nice if they could work out their issues. These women are not supportive of Porsha at all because a REAL friend would encourage “trying” to work out your martial issues, unless there are cases of abuse taking place. Porsha should NOT be listening to that horrible advice.

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