Chris & Adrienne Bosh Are Expecting Baby Number Two

Photo Credit: @mrsadriennebosh Twitter
Photo Credit: @mrsadriennebosh Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

There’s a lot of baby news coming out of Hollywood, and while many continue to speculate over the uterus of multiple female celebrities, one pregnancy was confirmed a couple of days ago. R&B singer Monica decided to confirm her pregnancy via her Instagram account when she posted a photo of her sporting a five-month old baby bump. This will be Monica and NBA hubby Shannon Brown’s first baby together, although both have children of their own from previous relationships. And now there are reports suggesting that Beyonce too could be expecting baby number two with hubby Jay-Z, however, rumors about Beyonce being pregnant occur at least twice a year, and the time she actually was pregnant with Blue Ivy no one knew and she shocked everyone with her baby bump on the red carpet for the MTV Video Music Awards. But there’s one couple that won’t fall victim to any speculation. And that’s Chris and Adrienne Bosh. Earlier today, it was confirmed on Twitter via NBC 6 South Florida that the couple is expecting baby number two together.

A reporter tweets:

adrienne bosh pregnant again


Apparently, Adrienne made the announcement at a Mother’s Day event, and she showed off her growing baby bump to the media. While it’s no word yet on how far along Adrienne is, she is already glowing and looks excited to be expecting again. The reporter, Roxanne Vargas, snapped a photo of Adrienne and posted it to her Instagram account:

adrienne bosh pregnant


Congrats to Adrienne and Chris Bosh on baby number two together.


  1. I don’t like Chris Bosh or her she seems like a true gold digger. But whatever I guess she making sure she is taking care of.

  2. Can’t stand them. Sorry. I hate how he did his baby mama. Bastard. I hope the baby will be healthy…etc.

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