Eve Says Black Men Are Hypocrites for Criticizing Her Interracial Relationship

Photo Credit: The Grio
Photo Credit: The Grio

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former Ruff Ryders First Lady Eve is back on the music scene and is set to drop a new album soon. She’s already clapped back pretty hard with her new music which consists of tough verses that ought to remind everyone just why we need the “Pitt-bull in a skirt” back in the game. However, people seem to be more intrigued by her personal life these days, and can’t seem to get past her interracial romance with Caucasian millionaire boyfriend Maximillion Cooper long enough to pay attention to the bars she keeps serving since returning from her departure from Hip Hop. And quite frankly, Eve is tired of it. In a recent interview with The Grio, she says she feels black men are very hypocritical when it comes to her dating a white men and they shouldn’t care so much since they have been doing it for years. When the interviewer asked her what she meant about raising her kids to be colorblind (she told Vibe that she plans to raise her kids not to see color), she says:

“At this point it still annoys me that race is such a big issue. Like, get over it. It’s 2013. When I say colorblind, I mean fall in love with whoever you want to fall in love with. Get along with whoever you want to get along with. People are people. As a human, there is no color. That’s a race. I’m a human being. And that’s what I mean. But I think that the fact that we still are so worried about race is ridiculous.”


When asked if she thinks she’d receive the same criticism if she was Kanye or any other black man dating a non-black woman, she says:

“That’s what I’m saying. What the f*ck is the problem? They’re not the same race but no one says a thing. I haven’t heard one thing about them two being together. But because I’m with a white guy it’s such a big issue. And black men been doing it for years…I’ve never seen so much controversy. With me it’s been such an issue. It’s not the norm. I know I come from Hip Hop, I know it may not be something that has been done. Get over it.”


Check out the clip below:


  1. I so agree with her. A lot of black men see nothing wrong with dating a white woman…but when a sista does it she’s a sellout. Chile…

    1. There is no controversy. The concept is the only thing keeping Eve relevant and she’s milking it.
      When’s the last time you heard someone mention her or her relationship?

      I’ll wait!

      1. Please shut up. You’re obviously a very ignorant/bitter soul who does no research before you make comments about other people. People are always asking Eve why she’s dating a white man in her interviews, they are asking her you dimwit. Did you even watch this interview? Wait, of course you didn’t. Lastly, if you actually expanded the kind of sites you read, you’d know that lots of hip hop heads have been calling her a sellout because she’s with a white man and she isn’t “down” anymore. And she’s relevant because she’s Eve idiot. Her album is already in the top 5 on the rap iTunes chart. Google is your friend. Ugh.

    2. I’ve never dated a white woman so I feel justified in saying if you are with a white man you ARE a sellout.

    3. Glad, that you said “a lot” of Black men, and not all! Personally, as a Black man I couldn’t care in the least who you date, nor their race. That’s, your business not mine. But, what I would like to ask is, “Do Black woman like yourself also ask those White men that you date are they selling out White women to date Black women?

  2. #TRUTH Thank you Eve. Men are really pissed at her for sating a white boy, but dapping up Kanye for wifing up Kim’s slore azz. I don’t get it.

  3. I think both black men and black women do this. If you’re a black woman, you’ll applaud another black woman for “stepping outside the box,” but you’ll most likely give a black man the side eye for doing the same thing. LOL.

    1. So true. But at the end of the day, as long as you don’t put down your race to validate your choice to be with someone who isn’t black, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Date who you want. #shrugs

  4. I am married to a man that is White and we always get glaring stares from black men. I mean love who you love and those that hate on that aspect of life need a reality check.

  5. This is why I love me some Eve. She said the truth. I date who the hell I want to and I encourage everyone to do the same. It’s 2013 and we’re grown. Just make sure you don’t put down an entire race because of your choice. If your boo is a white man, don’t turn around and say you’re with the white man because black men ain’t sh-t. If your boo is a white woman, don’t turn around and day black women ain’t sh-t. Be grown, do what you want, but be mature about it.

  6. I wouldn’t even give these insecure fools any attention. She’s happy and that’s all that matters.

  7. The men on those Hip Hop blogs be ripping her to shreds in the comment section. It’s so ridiculous. All because her man is white. Smdh.

  8. Yes Eve! I can’t believe her relationship is such a problem for people. She’s still Eve. She just fell in love with a white man. What’s the problem?

  9. Black men are hypcorites about a lot of things. Especially the whole slut thing. They’ll sleep around all over the place but call a woman out for the smallest things. But that’s a conversation for another day.

    1. Who calls a white woman who dates a black man Becky? Who got mad at Usain Bolt when he had a white girlfriend and called him the next Tiger Woods? Who says things about black men who date white women like he hates his mother, he hates black women, has self hate, he’s afraid of a strong black women? Who says that all the black NBA and NFL players get white women as soon as they get a million dollars? I could go on with the nonsense that comes from black women that’s been going on for years. I’m not going to even mention O.J. Simpson. You see my point? Its black women who do this. All on youtube they are cutting up with these stupid videos of why black men date white women saying that its only fat white women with black men and then turn around trying to force other black women to date white men then you wonder why black men get mad. Its not hypocritical of black men. Its annoying catching a verbal beat down from black women and the KKK white men who which are going through PMS because of a little Cheerios interracial commercial. They are using the n-word at the black man. The white men feels threatened and black women are hurt by it when a black man is with a white woman. You act like the white man is God.You should ask what the white woman goes through with the white man. He cheats, kills, commits crime also. You really hate black men. It has nothing to do with black women dating out. Its how you approach dating out. I didn’t realize this hatred was this bad. The only thing missing is the burning cross, noose, and the KKK sheets. Black women were agreeing with a white father wanting to bring the KKK to his daughters school because he didn’t like that the black boys were around her. Black women were saying you go boy to the white father and agreeing with him. It was shocking. Why do you think white men love the Asian women so much and says that shes more loyal than American women. Asian never bring up women power or feminist issues and Asian women are docile. He dates all of these non white women but gets mad when its a black man with a white woman. You should read about the non white women victims that white men have dated. I didn’t know it was that bad and even included black women. White women aren’t cheering when this happens to other non white women and say stuff like now you see what we go through. The true hypocrites are the black women and white men. If I’m wrong then prove it? Black women cheer when black women date white men like Kerry Washington but hate Taye Diggs for marrying a whiter woman. Its the truth.

  10. Once again division of our people, husband against wife, daughter against mother, fathers leaving thier familys to suffer. Sistas hating and competing with eachother Brothas killing eachother. Thats exactly whats expected of us, so we can stay broken as a nation. We continue to talk bad about eachother and put eachother down. We can date out side our race and call our own men worthless. Call our own woman hoes and goldiggers.Our ancestors had to suffer enough, now the slavery continues, in the mind of brothas and sistas that continue to destroy eachother. While every other nation uplifts eachother and stick together.
    Sad just sad.

  11. Forget what you heard this here black man is all about being with my fine black women. Just a shame to see a good one go the other route. I am far from being a racist but we as a people need to find beauty within our own. Oh yea I have never cheered Kanye for being with Kim. She would have been a decent quickie and thats about it

  12. I have to say I agree with the poster R. White Men and Black women are THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITES I have ever seen. Just look at Movies and Entertainment. If a Black dude is paired with a pretty white women, it’s nothing serious and most likely the relationship goes nowhere(Jungle Fever, Ali Larter/Beyonce movie Will Smith/Charlize Theron)but Black women and White Men IR in entertainment…WATCH OUT! Look at the highly rated sitcom FRIENDS. Two of the WHITE MALE characters were fighting for the affection of a BLACK WOMAN. I heard NO COMPLAINTS on that. If it were two of the white female characters doing the same thing, black women and ESPECIALLY white men would be having heart attacks, strokes across the globe. Another tidbit is, anybody remember a 70’s show titled THE JEFFERSONS? The neighbors the Willises…Black Woman and White Man. Imagine if it was a black man and a white woman?..that show would have been canceled in the first season and I dare ANYONE to try and prove me wrong.

    I hate this goddam IR Double Standard in this country. I don’t care if Eve is getting flak for being with a white man. Imagine if someone like Denzel Washington decided to date a White Woman. Black Women would be carrying pitchforks and burning torches. Still I have to say the BIGGEST Hypocrites in the entire planet are WHITE MEN. Their the one’s who date interracially more than any other race of men. I cant begin to tell how many White Men I have seen with ASIAN WOMEN, BLACK WOMEN, HISPANC WOMEN more so than Black Men dating White Women. YET..YET they catch seizure’s and tantrums when a Black Man is involved with a White Woman. As I have heard and agree, White Men PRESSURE White Women into only dating White, while they can FREELY date every color on the spectrum..scum sucking bastards.

    F-ck Eve and I don’t care how she feels about being slammed by Black Men because Black Men have been slammed HARDER by Black Women and scum sucking White Men.

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