Beyonce is Not Pregnant, Says Jay-Z

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce is not pregnant? Okay y’all, we know we’re driving you all crazy with the Beyonce pregnant reports, but honestly, it’s just become some sort of media circus and we’re just trying to keep up. Last week, E! News “confirmed” the singer is pregnant with her second child with husband Jay-Z, and they said they received the confirmation from “insiders” close to the superstar singer. However, Beyonce’s spokesperson hasn’t said anything about the rumors, and has issued no official confirmation or denial regarding the report. And Beyonce even had more people thinking the report could be true (UBM included) when she had two of her dancers bring on two strollers on stage during her recent show the other night. Welp, it appears (at least for now) that Beyonce is not pregnant.

Earlier this morning, Peter Rosenberg of popular New York radio station Hot 97 tweeted that Ebro says he spoke to Jay-Z this morning via email and Jay-Z made it clear that he is not happy with all of the reports circulating about Beyonce being pregnant with their second child.

According to Rosenberg via Ebro, Jay-Z says Beyonce is not pregnant. The Huffington Post reports:

Hot 97 Program Director Ebro Darden, otherwise known as Old Man Ebro, found out from Jay-Z that Beyonce is not pregnant with their second child after he reached out to the “Suit & Tie” rapper to offer his congratulations.

Ebro emailed Jay on Friday to send some well-wishes regarding his wife’s pregnancy, but the rapper quashed the rumors in his response Saturday afternoon. “I emailed on some congratulations, send my love to the family, blah, blah, blah,” Ebro said. “He emailed me back and said it’s not true.”

Hova reportedly responded simply: “It’s not true. The news is worse than blogs.”


Rosenberg even tweeted this earlier today:

beyonce not pregnant

If Jay-Z did really say this, it’s safe to say Beyonce is not pregnant and it’s time for everyone to drop it for now.


  1. Okay. This is crazy. If Jay-Z said it, then she’s not pregnant. I’m disappointed in E!. They just lost a lot of credibility.

  2. I guess that’s good news for her fans who are dying for new music and a tour without any more interruptions.

  3. What the hell I’m totally confused. If its true I got to give Bey and her camp they always stay tight lipped and have the media looking like fools while they laugh. Love me some Bey

  4. I’ve pretty much given up on the “news” sources too. I’m still mad they ran with that whole “Beyonce Instagram” thing. No fact checking or anything. Blogs and CNN, ABC. etc. are now on the same level. #shrugs

  5. I want the tea on why the hell E! News (who is in bed with the Kardashians) issued this BS just one day or so after Kanye got put on blast for his affair with Riccardo Tisci. Oh wait, I just spilled the tea. can Can you post that Amanda/Taren? 🙂

    1. Well damn. If they have to do this kind of damage control, Kanye’s gay a-s needs to come out the closet.

  6. I normally take blind items with a grain of salt. However, I was on RhymeswithSnitch last week and they received some tea. In a nutshell, E!, with unconfirmed reports, broke the story that Bey is pregnant as a way to divert attention from the rumors that Kanye & Riccardo are lovers. E! wanted to avoid upsetting their biggest cash cow (The Kardashians). So, they blocked the K&R story from their own properties even though it was still being mentioned on other sites. They held a meeting to decide how to get rid of the K&R rumors. So they decided to break the ‘Bey is pregnant’ story despite having no actual confirmation.

    Didn’t mean to be so wordy.

  7. no Bey IS pregnant, i heard from a strong connection she IS pregnant. my thing is (personaly thought) this will be her first baby in her OWN womb

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