Kordell Stewart Gets Even & Changes the Locks on Porsha

Photo Credit: @porshadstewart Instagram
Photo Credit: @porshadstewart Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha and Kordell’s divorce just got nastier. Kordell Stewart might have thought about reconciling with his estranged wife Porsha Stewart post blindsiding her by filing for divorce behind her back and forcing her to learn of his move via Twitter; but it appears that the retired football player has taken the gloves off again considering Porsha has expressed she’s not interested in reconciling at this point. Although it was confirmed by Porsha that the former couple was still living together, it appears Kordell has found a grimy way of getting Porsha out the house once and for all. According to TMZ, Kordell has decided to change the locks on Porsha and is now refusing to give her a key, thereby forcing her to move back in with her mother. The website reports:

Kordell Stewart REAALLLY doesn’t wanna see his estranged wife Porsha Williams anymore … ’cause the ex-NFL star just changed the locks on the family home to keep her out … this according to Porsha.

The “Real Housewives of ATL” star just filed new docs in her divorce war with Kordell … and it appears the nasty split just got even NASTIER.

According to the docs, filed in family court in Georgia and obtained by TMZ, Porsha claims Kordell has locked her out of their residence on multiple occasions … and she had to have her lawyer beg Kordell’s people for a key.

Sources close to the situation tell us Kordell isn’t playing ball — and hasn’t forked over a key.


The website also goes on to claim Porsha specified in the documents that she attempted to work things out with Kordell in a mediation session, but he allegedly blew it off and said it was “a waste of everyone’s time.” Interestingly enough, he’s still been taking to his social media accounts to claim he wants to work things out.


  1. Porsha this is your sign to not get back with this man. This is the second time he has did underhanded ish. He obviously has communication issues.

  2. I think Porsha is torn between going back to her husband and working it out or going back to another season about #RHOA.

    1. Because he’s mad she’s not begging for him to take her back. It’s all about control for Kordell.

  3. If it is your home too…change the locks on him. She doesn’t have to take his crap he is less than a man when he filed for divorce behind her back while in the same house. He is a coward and she should get everything that she can from him because she deserves it.

  4. Illegal lockout, call the police and they WILL let you back in the house Porsha. In Georgia, that’s a marital asset. He cannot do this

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