Hulk Hogan Gives Miguel Props on His Infamous ‘Leg Drop’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Miguel is finally getting much deserved attention for his talent and knack for making good music. After feeling overlooked for quite some time, despite the great music he did deliver from his debut studio album, he now has a Grammy and he’s getting recognition and working with big artists he’s always looked up to. However, the singer now finds himself getting the kind of attention he probably hadn’t hoped for. The other night at the Billboard Music Awards, Miguel made a pretty big mistake that has made him the favorite target of memes everywhere and it’s probably something people will just never forget happened. While performing his hit sing;e “Adorn,” he attempted to jump to the other part of the stage and in the process, he landed on top of a female fan’s head.

The incident looked like a professional wresting move created by wresting legend Hulk Hogan, and the “leg drop” is something Hogan takes plenty of pride in. When Hogan got word of Miguel’s “move” he pulled the other night at the Billboard Music Awards, he took to his Twitter account to give the R&B singer props for at least getting his signature move right even though he did end up embarrassing himself. Hulk Hogan tweets:

hulk hogan twitter


Interestingly enough, Miguel seems to be taking everything in stride and is fully aware that he can be pretty clumsy when he gets on the stage. However, he blames his “awkwardness” on just being too caught up in the moment at times.


  1. Miguel might have drop kicked ole girl but he’s a household name now because of it. So he wins. LOL.

  2. Lawd…this whole situation is hilarious. And it looks like he knew something bad was getting ready to happen in this picture.

  3. That wasn’t a drop kick guys, it was Hulk Hogan’s Leg Drop move. Miguel may need to join the WWE.

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