ASAP Rocky’s Friend Blasts People for Calling the Rapper Gay

Photo Credit: @asvpxrocky Instagram
Photo Credit: @asvpxrocky Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The ASAP Rocky gay accusations have been rampant for a while now. ASAP is known for stepping outside of the box when it comes to his fashion choices. And although his love for fashion has been praised by fashion enthusiasts, when it comes to the Hip Hop community, most of his critics see his fashion choices as some sort of confirmation that he’s gay. In fact, people began to question him more when he started speaking up for the gay community and urging those in Hip Hop to stop their prejudice towards gays. As a result of the speculations seemingly beginning to worsen for his comments, ASAP then told interviewers in a recent sit down that he doesn’t want to be asked anything ever again about the gay community. Now a good friend to the rapper and fellow rapper himself ASAP Ferg has decided to blast ASAP’s critics for assuming he’s gay for his out of the box fashion choices. He tells Complex:

“A$AP is comfortable being black sheep. We were always weirdos. We wanted to be unique. People didn’t accept us in Harlem. They were scared to stand next to Jeremy Scott. Why? Because he’s gay? He’s one of the best designers of our generation. When Rocky wore the Ann Demeulemeester shirt on BET, people called it a dress. It’s some high fashion sh*t, a $30,000 long-sleeve shirt. We’re on that different type of fly. People who call us gay just aren’t open-minded.”


What do you think? Is is fair to assume someone’s sexuality based off how they dress, or in ASAP’s case, is it just calling a spade a spade? Speak on it below.


  1. I could care less I’m still on that dark skinned chicks can’t wear red lipstick. So maybe this is payback Ha!

  2. While we shouldn’t assume one’s sexuality based off the way someone dresses, let’s not forget people are also giving ASAP the side eye because of some of the things he says. I mean, dude is kind of feminine telling women what color lip stick they can wear. That to me was the most questionable thing he’s ever done.

      1. So, you shouldn’t tell fat chicks to stay away from tights? Stuff that is ugly is ugly. Dark skin women shouldn’t wear bright colors on their lips, it looks terrible. Fat people shouldn’t wear tight clothes, that shit is disgusting. I’m not defending this rocky guy(he’s obviously in the closet), but seriously, some things are just obvious.

  3. Yeah but he acts like a queen so yeah, most people think he’s gay. It’s way more to it than his silly fashion choices.

  4. I’m confused as to why ASAP and his idiot crew seriously thinks that man can dress. He can’t. Just because a piece of clothing is expensive doesn’t mean it’s stylish. The delusion is real.

  5. Oh please. If people are close minded for assuming he’s gay, they are close minded for thinking this crap is “fashion” just because it’s expensive. He can’t dress. Stop it.

  6. ASAP looks like a black woman when he straightens his hair. I think that’s the real reason people think he’s suspect. The fashion is just the cherry on top.

  7. This is what happens when you give hoodboogers a little money. They start thinking they are God’s gift to fashion and trendsetters. Dude, you wore an ugly long sleeved, long shirt/dress on BET. You’re not fly. You’re confused.

  8. Doesn’t matter. ASAP won’t be popping in about 5 years. Instead of spending thousands on ugly clothes and trying to be “fly,” he ought to stack his chips and invest because he won’t have longevity.

  9. I don’t get this new mentality these famous men have. Wearing capris and other hideous expensive clothes does make you stylish or opened minded. Just sit down somewhere.

  10. Chile please. Our gaydar goes off for this man for NUMEROUS reasons. The fashion is just one out of many. Have a seat.

  11. Oh child please! ASAP is not that important. I don’t care if he’s gay or straight. I just want him to keep his twisted opinions of black women to himself. Thanks.

  12. Meh, he’s still suspect and very annoying as hell. Telling black women they can’t wear red lipstick…what a douche.

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